Erika starts out a nice girl—considerate of her friends, pleasant to everyone, but still preoccupied with her own problems (like not having an identity, and being ignored and/or called by the wrong name all through high school), but when she winds up dead and realizes she has to settle her unfinished business, she starts to become more popular—and that brings out how self-absorbed she can be. She ditches Gia to spend time with another girl (leaving her best friend to “ice the body” alone, by lying and pretending she has a family dinner to attend), becomes more absorbed with her likes on TikTock than listening to what Gia is trying to tell her, and is outraged by a negative comment on her social media. She even makes Gia’s death about her and how upset she is that Gia mislead her into thinking she was the one who had died. At her worst, she’s more worried about a video in which she trash-talks people getting out and ruining her reputation and making people mad at her than she cares about Gia fading in and out of reality as she moves toward “the light.” Fortunately, Erika come to see that she is being selfish and a problem, and helps Gia cross over by making the night all about her instead. Erika trusts what she sees and can put her hands on; she sees her shoes on a body sticking out from under a moose, and just believes that it’s her. She isn’t very perceptive at reading between the lines, unlike her dad – she had no clue that anyone other than her had died, and couldn’t make sense of the sensory clues that were all pointing to her being alive (needing to pee, getting hungry, and having people talk to her). She was instead wondering about them and incorporating them into the narrative she had already decided on (this makes no sense, but it fits what I see, so it has to be true). She searches for the “rules” of being a ghosts, without ever considering an alternative (she isn’t dead) or questioning her eyes. She hasn’t been “living” up until now (choosing a “quiet life”), but once she starts, she goes for it – making out with boys and moving quickly into a relationship, getting involved with the prom (and getting it canceled), setting up an online video diary and becoming popular, doing un–boxing videos, throwing parties, becoming obsessed with clothes, and maxing out her dad’s credit card (and not caring about how she will have to pay it back later; she flippantly says ‘add it to my bill’). She’s obsessed with leaving her legacy and finding more time to ‘live,’ being focused on one outcome and conclusion (I am dead), but her Te is weak enough that she doesn’t consider why the facts of the situation don’t add up. She is angry that the ‘facts’ on ghosts are not lining up online; she’s annoyed that every website has contradictory information, and that no one has streamlined it in terms of usefulness. She can also be blunt under stress, as she tells Gia off for her deception and storms away from her previous best friend.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Erika starts out a nice girl who cares about her best friend and who wants to be popular, but without drawing negative attention to herself. She frets almost constantly about people being upset with her, and over-thinks everything all the time. She halts a kiss to talk about how she wants to enjoy this moment, since she will never have another “first.” She is also outspoken in her ideas and tries to recruit other people to go along with her – prom is problematic (ageist, classist, sexist, racist), so she wants to get it canceled for everyone. She stands up to her teacher by ripping up her test, and gets everyone else to do it too (so she doesn’t get detention). She thinks her main goal in life is to get everyone to like her. Her 7 wing is excited to get involved and do things and have a life; she throws parties and invites everyone at the school by promoting her ideas. She moves toward the boy she likes, then away from him, sending him mixed messages. As she starts gaining popularity, she moves more toward 3 in an unhealthy way – she becomes obsessed with power and influence and her image, she spends all of her time on Instagram and TikTock feeding her ‘brand,’ she insists on hanging out with the ‘popular crowd,’ and shuns her previous best friend. She becomes self-absorbed and only concerned with her own problems. It’s only after she discovers that her best friend is dead that she stops being self-absorbed and goes back to being a supportive girl who wants what’s best for the people in her life.

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