Ike makes his living writing columns and he says that he never knows what he’s going to say until the last minute, and that he turns in everything on the deadline, implying that he doesn’t do well with planning ahead. He’s looking for someone to ‘brainstorm ideas’ with when the film opens, and then he runs with an idea he hears off a guy in a pub –without checking any of the facts, which winds up getting him fired for not citing sources. He also has a complete mental turn-around as regards Maggie; in only a few days, he has changed his mind about her being a ‘man-eater’ and fallen in love with her. He impulsively asks her to marry him after one kiss, because she has a dress and the church is already rented. He shows serious inferior Si both in his lack of detail retention (he doesn’t remember how he asked his wife to marry him, or any of the details of their relationship) and in his naïve assumption that Maggie is going to break her pattern for him and not run out on him. He waffles between cynicism toward women and being sucked in by them. Ike likes to question people and dig into the root of things. He is somewhat rude in his column, enough that people keep randomly punching him on the street. But he’s also smart in what he tells Maggie, and in how he figures out what her ‘deal’ is – he intuits early on that she has no sense of herself as separate from her boyfriend and is codependent, he sees her potential as a businesswoman, and he pushes her to be more independent and find out what kind of eggs she likes. His tert-Fe is good at connecting to other people, and knowing what offends them or what will win them over. He easily makes friends in town and wins people over, but also does and says things to provoke Maggie. He tells her that being flirtatious with her best friend’s husband is ruining her relationship with her friend, and that she needs to dial back her inappropriate behavior.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Ike enjoys being provocative and getting a reaction to his column, but also assumes there will be no consequences for his actions—he has somewhat delusional, arrogant thinking when his ex-wife calls him into the office and he tells the secretary he will put in a “good word for you” (since he’s about to get fired). He easily makes friends in town and is so likable and charming, Maggie has no recourse against him getting her father, friends, and neighbors to open up to him. He doesn’t rise to the occasion when she tie-dies his hair, and instead calmly walks out the door and asks where he can find a good shampoo (then buys a hat off a kid, after he gets a few stares). He is a born cynic who thinks Maggie is going to leave her guy at the altar again, but also can’t help standing up for her, pushing her, and trying to get her to ‘find’ herself – he tells her that she has no personality outside of the men she dates, but then assumes, again arrogantly, that she won’t leave him standing at the altar provided he keeps eye contact, because he is ‘the one’!

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