Alex is very relational and relationship-oriented; in the first season, he knows Liz is lying to him about various things (her relationship, why she’s being so secretive, and who Max is), and he confronts her about this, easily reacting quickly to his own anger and bringing it to her attention for discussion, but also goes out of his way to help her! He wants to take care of her, and be there for her, even when he completely disapproves of her behavior. He assumes her boyfriend is on drugs and needs to use his blood to avoid getting arrested; and he gives it to her, but make sure she knows how feels about it, and that he is going to want to talk about this at some point. He also is quite assertive in being upfront with Isabel about his feelings toward her, and about being left out or excluded. EFJs are very upfront about their emotions and quick to confront others with their feelings. He’s a reliable person, someone they can always trust on to come to their rescue and to intervene, but also somewhat rational in his assumptions (that Max must be on drugs, rather than anything more alien or nefarious). He’s curious to learn all about the aliens and find out what makes them tick, to know everything Isabel can do, and he encourages her to use her dream walking as a ‘power’ when they need to rescue Max from a sealed facility (if it worked before, it could work again). Alex often talks about the past, as if it influences the present, and is cautious as a result (he’s afraid that some bad things could happen again). He shows some low Ne inquisitiveness and willingness to theorize, as well as being a good student, a broad-picture thinker, and someone willing to take risks but who is also cautious. He pieces together when he’s being lied to, but isn’t always sure about the motivations behind those deceptions and wants answers by demanding people talk to him.

Enneagram 9w8 so/sp

9s often get involved in things that have nothing to do with them, because they go along with other people’s agendas, and this happens to Alex on a regular basis. Even though he’s angry about Liz keeping secrets from him, he goes along with all of her plans to help and protect Max, even allowing her to draw his blood and use it for her boyfriend’s blood test (Alex thinks that he’s doing ‘drugs’ and disapproves, but that doesn’t stop him from helping her). He is semi-okay with Isabel not being sure if they are in a relationship or not, and not committing to one, even though commitment is what he wants. Alex is easygoing and gentle, sweet and lovable, and always a nice guy—but he does push back, confront people with his anger, and isn’t afraid to be honest and upfront about his true feelings or how disappointed he is in others.

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