Maggie is an inventor and loves to tinker with and fix things around town. All of her hobbies are hands-on—she knows how to fix cars, how to fix a broken faucet, how to fish, and go camping, etc. She loves baseball and to high-five the guys off the field. She quickly decides to ruin Ike’s hair by dying it several different colors while answering his questions, then breaks into his hotel room to steal his notes, and climbs out the window to get away from him. She thinks she’s up for getting married several times, but always runs away and jumps on the nearest FedEx truck. She falls in love with Ike within a few days, is okay with her boyfriend dumping her, and agrees to marry him on the weekend—since she has a church and a dress, why not? Maggie often gets caught up in things and doesn’t pause to reflect about how she feels about them, which is why she has no identity as separate from the men in her life. She does whatever physical activity appeals to them, going along with it and also ordering whatever they want to eat at restaurants. She procrastinates about opening her own business in the city (“someday” she says about it, of her future dream), but eventually gets around to it. Maggie doesn’t think about the men in her life or how she will make them feel when she runs out on them; she just knows this isn’t where she wants to be and runs for the door. She barters with Ike and gives him information, as well as sends in a list of facts he got wrong, to get him fired by his boss. She has no real ideas about her future other than eventually she wants to open up her own lighting store.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/so

Maggie has no idea who she is; she absorbs her personality into whomever she is with, adopts all of his interests and passions, and even orders her eggs the same way! She has to be single for a while, and test out her own tastes, before she has a firm sense of who she is or what she wants. She’s angry at Ike for pointing out that she’s codependent, but also attaches immediately to him and merges into his desires for her. She doesn’t know where he ends and she begins, or where she ends and any of her previous boyfriends begin –whenever she is in a relationship, she’s into whatever they care about, from mountain climbing to her press-on rose tattoo. She smiles her way through her friends and family humiliating and insulting her for being the runaway bride, and then is upset with Ike for telling them off, because she didn’t realize that what they were doing is wrong. Maggie shows her 8 wing in how angry she gets over the article that was written about her, slandering her – she gets the “asshole fired” who wrote about her, then harasses him when he gets to town, gets her friends to die his hair weird colors at the shop, and breaks into his room to steal his notes. She bounces back and forth between being permissive and okay with everything (even things that aren’t okay) and being angry and confrontational. When she feels uncomfortable, she bolts—literally out of the church, but she’s also friendly with all of her exes, and mortified when she realizes that she’s a habitual flirt who is hurting her best friend by coming on to her husband all the time.

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