Tess comes to the high school and makes everyone like her, by being warm, affirming, and telling people what they want to hear. She makes instant friends with Isabel by mirroring her and focusing on what they have in common. She tries to be friends with Liz, even though she has feelings for Max, but also admits to those emotions openly to Isabel to establish trust between them. She tries to respect everyone’s emotions around her, while simultaneously getting them to do what she wants. This includes being upfront with Max and her hopes for them as a future couple. Unlike Max, she is non-traditional and believes in their greater ‘destiny.’ She has one end in mind (their eventual child, which comes from them being together) and never considers any other alternatives for her life. She’s focused and insightful into others, but also impulsive, opportunistic, and hands-on. She becomes physical with Max early on in their ‘relationship,’ and likes to do things herself, including repairing a vase that Liz broke when she planted a bug in their house. She is a risk-taker who doesn’t always think about the harm she might do, or care about the consequences. Tess never questions her forward momentum or what she wants for her life, and struggles to separate her feelings from her intentions.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Tess is deceitful in how she involves herself in everyone’s lives, leads them on to believe she’s someone other than she is (a human, and then she confronts Max with how she is his ‘destiny’), and aggressively goes after what she wants, inserting herself into the high school, going out with the most popular guys, all while keeping her mind on the end goal, which is to be with Max, get pregnant, and take the baby home with her. She’s confident and cool even in intense situations, always feeling like she has a sense of control, and knowing instinctively how to appeal to the people around her. Her 2 wing is flattering and seductive, easily reaching out to people and establishing a connection to them, while feeling a need to be necessary and important in their lives.

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