Unlike Walter, Jesse is not overly concerned with what’s coming; he constantly clashes with Walter over things like planning and strategy, preferring instead to “wing it” and improvise on the go. Jesse is extraverted, sensation-seeking and reckless, never one to pass up a chance to “have a good time”, even if it includes things Walter deems unacceptable… such as smoking the product they themselves have produced.. or share it with his junkie friends to get on their good side. Though intelligent, Jesse is not one for structured learning, which shows in his high school grades; Walter never misses an opportunity to remind his former pupil that he flunked chemistry because he did not ‘apply himself’! Jesse mainly uses his Ti in service of his dominant function and to get out of trouble his impulsivity and recklessness inevitably land him in. Jesse is a social chameleon and adapts his personality and mannerisms according to who he’s with. His tertiary Fe makes him superficially charming and accommodating, and also gives him a strong urge to forge connections with people, sometimes causing him to over-adapt and enter into foolish commitments that he cannot honor. Jesse dislikes responsibility and prefers to be accountable only to himself; something that Walter, a 6 to whom family is everything, views as both puzzling and frustrating. Jesse’s inferior Ni shows in his inability to read between the lines and make accurate predictions about other people; for example, he trusts his friend’s intel about the drug lord Tuco being a trustworthy character when it should have been obvious that such isn’t the case.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Jesse prefers to live for the day and abhors thinking about the future or to plan for it; this can be seen in his attitude of ‘toxic positivity’ and willingness to let serious infractions against his person or business pass without active countermeasures. When he is robbed by a couple of meth-heads and loses 1 grand of their hard-earned money, Walter urges him to take preventative action to make sure it doesn’t happen again, while Jesse himself takes it in stride and says it’s simply “natural breakage” and should be overlooked. They’re still making loads of money, yo, so why bother focusing on the negative? Jesse’s 6 wing can be seen in his tendency to become overly anxious and overwhelmed when having to make a difficult decision (anything from homelessness to disposal of a body), which in turn prompts him to appeal to authority (Walter, his old chemistry teacher, whom he still refers to as Mr. White). He also likes to have a community in which to seek refuge, even if said community is full of lowlifes who continually exploit him. 

Guest post by Henrika.