Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Walter White is a mild-mannered, family-oriented and extremely conscientious man whose basic personality manifests as grounded, practical and loyal. He has spent decades cultivating a particular and very narrow skill set within his field of expertise, (inorganic chemistry) but in a typical Si-dom fashion, he sticks to what he’s excellent at and does not seek to broaden his horizon before he’s hard-pressed to do so. Despite being in possession of a marvelous intellect, Walter is not a particularly adventurous, ambitious or curious person; he likes routine and is perfectly content with his job as a high school chemistry teacher… until he receives a surprise diagnosis of terminal cancer and has to face the news that he will not leave anything of worth behind for his family. As a dominant introverted sensor who rarely steps outside of his comfort zone, Walter’s inferior intuition becomes obvious when he flounders about and makes a series of rash, poorly thought-out decisions with little to no ability to predict the long-term consequences of his actions. Within his trade, Walter tends to over-commit to details, such as insisting to cook meth the right way, which produces the cleanest drug on the market… but simultaneously draws plenty of unwanted attention to him and his product from both other drug lords and the police. Walter is an intensely emotional man, but unlike his Fe-dom wife, he abhors talking about his feelings, preferring instead to use concrete actions (such as providing) as his love language. Although he is not overtly judgmental of other people’s lifestyles, his values are traditional and reflective of his generation; for example, he feels that it is the duty of the husband to provide for his family and that every man owes it to himself to solve his own problems without help. Amongst other things, his Te/Fi axis manifests in his extremely meticulous calculations regarding future financial needs and a step-by-step flowchart on how to achieve it; (to put his two children through college, he needs to sell this amount of meth in this amount of time). Walter has a well-developed if somewhat infantile Fi function; he know what he values and cares about, but like a rather stereotypical tertiary Fi user, he is sorely lacking in interpersonal communication skills regarding feelings. His inferior Ne shows when he is under stress and throws out hooks in random directions, such as partnering up with a deadbeat former pupil of his to cook and sell methamphetamine (it seems so lucrative!). Walter can sometimes be socially naïve and expects the best from people, not realizing that most people do not share his core values or abide by the same high moral standards.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

“Apply yourself” is Walter’s motto in life, and as a terminally anxious 6, he is constantly, if rather poorly, trying to stay one step ahead of a future disaster. Walter does not shy away from hard work or consider himself above menial labor such as washing cars after his regular hours as a teacher to bring in extra money to his family. Walter’s main source of conflict with his former student-turned-partner Jesse Pinkman is Jesse’s careless spending, planning and inability to take directions/stay focused on the task ahead. The two do not share any functions or see things the same way. Walter’s socially dominant subtype manifests as an intense need to be useful and do what is right for his family… even if it includes breaking the law. His sx blindness makes him somewhat dry and lacking in interpersonal charisma. Jesse even calls him “the straightest guy I’ve ever known” and wonders why Walter is suddenly “breaking bad” at fifty.  Walter is not fond of conflict and does not take action when his friend and former university classmate steals his research and presents it as his own; instead he buries himself in his own work and downplays his bitterness and resentment. His 5 wing, particularly during stress, manifests as a desire to be self-reliant even in extreme situations, such as rejecting offers from friends to pay for his experimental new cancer treatment.

Guest post by Henrika.