Valka knew before anyone else in her village that the dragons could be reasoned with and had the potential to be peaceful and live in harmony beside the Vikings. She attempted to persuade others to share this view, holding onto it even when the physical evidence (the dragon raids) proved her wrong. She tends to reach a singular conclusion about people and not change her mind unless she sees something happen with her own eyes – she thinks that her husband has not changed and is surprised to learn that he has; and she believes (accurately) that there is no reasoning with the villain. Once she reunites with her son, Valka immediately starts planning for the future and everything they can do “together.” She has a “we” mindset where she starts thinking about how alike they are, and what they can do for their community, rather than seeing them as individuals. She also knows just what to say to make other people happy or to encourage them; she does this with her husband when he finds her after twenty years (asking forgiveness and hoping he won’t be angry at her); she delightedly takes care of him and her son, and starts talking about them as a family; she comforts Hiccup after his father’s death, and pushes him to reconcile with Toothless, since “dragons controlled by evil men” aren’t responsible for their wicked deeds. She tells Hiccup that he has the heart and soul of a dragon, and he will be a good leader. In the final film, we see her making someone feel better about themselves, when she tells him that even if he isn’t victorious, “you are still my favorite.” She loves Hiccup’s innovations and is excited about their potential, and has made it her mission to learn everything she can about dragons. She has figured out what makes them ‘tick’ and even shows Hiccup how to activate Toothless’ second set of armored plates. Valka is also deeply in touch with her sensing function. She loves being up in the sky, on the back of a dragon, since she says it’s the closest she will ever come to ‘being one.’ She started rescuing them from dragon trappers, flying out on dangerous missions to rescue them (and later her son) from harm. Valka is just as talented at riding dragons as her son, and is delighted to find out he takes ‘after me’! Both enjoy the thrill of flying and are capable of spectacular air acrobatics. Whereas Hiccup has a knack for inventing new gear and technology, Valka has a more organic, hands-on approach, having learned everything from her experiences.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Valka believes in peace and harmony; she wanted everyone to get along and strove to make that happen – but when society wouldn’t listen to her attempts to convince them the dragons were good, she simply… left. Went away to do her own thing, rescue dragons on her own, and live twenty years isolated with only dragons for company. She is afraid that her husband will be angry at her for this, and apologizes up front, insisting that he ‘shout at me’ because she can’t stand him just being okay with it (she feels like he should react!). When he forgives and welcomes her openly, Valka immediately falls back into her earlier routine of loving and caring for her husband and son. She dances with her husband, makes romantic eyes at him, and is excited to think that as a family, they will change the world and do good together. She also immediately attaches herself to Hiccup, and starts talking about all the stuff they can do as a team (merging into him and seeing them as one person). She also feels a lot of super-ego guilt about having abandoned her husband and son to take care of the dragons, and leaving them to fend for themselves for twenty years, but it helps that what she feels she is doing is “right.”

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