Stoick goes through quite a transformation in the films; he seems cold, rational, and detached in the first one, but subsequent movies reveal that he really cares about others and looks after them from a position of strength. He expects his orders to be obeyed without question. He sees it as his duty to keep them safe, and enjoys the position of being king, because unlike his son, he is ‘good at’ delegation, coming up with strategies, and planning for growth. He is looked up to as a leader because of his firm decision making and strong personal convictions—which at first stem from inferior Fi prejudices (he lost his wife to a dragon, he thinks, so all dragons are bad and must be destroyed). When he has personal experience with them, and sees how life could be different, however, Stoick maturely embraces it and brings about a whole new way of living to his clan. This shows growth from his Si flowing into his Ne – he has a tremendous amount of respect for tradition. He wants his son to take his place one day, in the unbroken line of kings. He talks about their legacy and how they have lived here for seven generations. But he also changes his mind about dragons—seeing their potential and goodness, rather than fearing them as a threat (moving his Ne from apprehensions about the unknown into excitement toward the future and what good thing it might hold). Stoick cares deeply for his son and his welfare, but wishes he could be more responsible and take part in things; at first, he thinks his son’s inventions are stupid and a waste of time. He cares so much about his wife, he welcomes her home without being angry that she let him think she was dead for twenty years.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Stoick always acts from gut instinct, but also has a strong need to fulfill his duty; he tries to instill it in his son as well, by pointing out their responsibilities to the village. He sees Hiccup, at first, as a disappointment because he never fulfills his duties and doesn’t seem to want to be a tribal leader. Stoick takes his responsibilities seriously in how he protects others and serves as their king, and is esteemed and looked up to by everyone who meets him. At first, he comes across as a bit tyrannical and harsh in his vilification of demons and mission to kill them all, but after his son changes his mind, Stoick shows a more tender, reasonable side as he becomes willing to talk instead of fight. His 2 wing shows in his emotional behavior. He consoles his son after the loss of his mother, and says he will not replace her, because there is only one woman for him. When he finds out she has been alive for twenty years and looking after dragons, rather than get angry, Stoick is so grateful to find his beloved alive, he embraces her and forgives her, and immediately acts as if nothing has come between them. He ultimately gives up his life to protect his son, when the alpha causes Toothless to try and kill him.

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