Gobber is up for anything and doesn’t mind taking risks. He lost both hands and a few other things in battles, which he loves to talk about in hindsight and relive. He works hard physically at the forge—at first, making weapons and then making dragon armor and saddles, adapting as things change around his home. He doesn’t mind breaking with tradition and forging a new path, or going with Hiccup on dangerous rescue missions, since he doesn’t see his lost limbs as a hindrance to his skills. Stoick says of Gobber that he can be ‘tactless.’ It’s true, he’s pretty rude and blunt thanks to his tert-Te, but he also cares a lot about a handful of people. He feels protective over them and despite being a grouchy old man, has a lot of sensitive feelings toward kids, dragons, and those in need. He can become emotional at times, but likes to provide silent support. Gobber points out in one film that he hopes Hiccup has some sort of ‘plan’ because it seems like there is none, and they are just doing things at random (which is fine with him). He’s pretty secretive about his life and his true feelings, although he does say the abandonment of women is one reason he never got married. Gobber doesn’t think much about the future in anything except negative terms; he believes in superstitions and omens, rather than trying to figure things out for himself.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Gobber toes the line between negativity and optimism. He is totally devoted to Stoick and loyal almost to a fault. He puts his own safety on the line to protect the village, and is known for sticking up for the people he cares about. But he also has a superstitious side. He sees things as ‘bad omens,’ he frets about what is going to happen next, he believes in superstitions and expects the worst to happen. He wonders a few times if they are being safe, or if this is a stupid and foolish plan. His 7 wing likes to keep things like. He’s always the one cracking inappropriate jokes to lighten the mood, and making fun of things. He has a good sense of comedic timing and is rather boastful of his glory days in battle. He recovers quickly even from loss, and is up for anything, although he may complain a great deal about it being stupid, dangerous, etc.

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