Goose doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but what little he has, he devotes to a sense of “we” togetherness. He even chimes up with “we” a couple of times to remind Maverick that he was also there, an indication that he sees them as a unit, as buddies, almost as the same person, which is something EFJs can do. They attach so hard to their loved ones, they see their family and friends as extension of themselves, because they feel responsible for them. He also shows this in his mindset – after he gets into trouble, he says he has his family to think about, and “I can’t afford to blow this.” It would disappoint them and cost too much to fail, so he has to be serious for their sake. He chose a profession that would remain stable, and allow him to work for decades, and is not nearly as innovative or risk-taking as Maverick. Sometimes his friend scares him with his dangerous, death-defying stunts, showing the difference between their sensing functions. He has a playful sense of humor with his lower Ne, but doesn’t really analyze things much.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Goose’s main defining trait is his loyalty to Maverick. He sticks up for him no matter what, believes in him when no one else does, and goes along with a lot of his dangerous stunts just to maintain their friendship. But he also gets scared a lot, and admits that he has his family to think about and can’t be messing around anymore. He has a self-deprecating sense of humor and always pushes the attention off himself onto other people, building up his best friend instead of competing for the prize himself—he just assumes he isn’t going to win it and that he’s not one of the best pilots around. His 7 wing is open to pranking people and having fun, to taking risks and to flirting with girls, but as Maverick says, he always goes home alone at the end of the night, because he’s loyal to his first and only love.

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