Ice believes in the chain of authority and rules of conduct. He chose a time-honored position as a pilot, which is something that is long-lasting and will make a real difference in the world in a concrete way (which matters to ISTJs). He knows everything there is to know about planes. He is also direct and authoritative; he expects others to toe the line and follow the rules. Ice does not like Maverick because he is unorthodox and unpredictable—and Ice wants a measure of control when he’s up in the air and to know where everyone is and what they are supposed to be doing. He is frank in telling Maverick that he doesn’t like him – that he is irresponsible and is going to get himself into trouble. He doesn’t show much Ne at all, except in his general sense that Maverick ignoring the rules is going to backfire at some future point (and it does, with the death of one of his friends).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Ice is a man of duty and obligation who follows the rules; he does not like Maverick, because he sees him as “reckless” and as someone who puts his friends in danger because he’s off doing his own thing. He asks when Maverick was pulling off a cool stunt, who was protecting one of his buddies (it scared the other guy so much, he quit the academy). The others say of him that he seems to find it his responsibility to be the “dad” of the squadron and look after everyone, make sure they are protected, and all come home safe. He sees it as his duty, but also his honor to do so – so he can be critical and judgmental of anyone who doesn’t share those views or who breaks the rules. His 2 wing has pride in being needed as the “protector” of the squadron, but also has a warmth that reaches out to his friends in their time of loss. He is able to forgive Maverick for his offenses, and even admit that he admires his courage.

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