Charlie is a self-built woman who can rattle off a hundred facts about airplanes, fighter planes, pilots, and other military information at the drop of a hat. She doesn’t like it when Maverick challenges and corrects her in class, but doesn’t allow her personal ruffled feathers to stop her from seeing his potential or admire his skills. But time and again, she warns him not to be so “reckless.” She says he’s too fast and too aggressive. When he comes on to her, she says it will take more than charm to win her over (he has to prove himself a good pilot). She expects a clear line of command, and for people to stay in their place, but also admires ingenuity. She really doesn’t show much in the way of lower functions or Ne, but her inferior Fi is obvious. She knows what she wants (Maverick) and goes for it, even against her better judgment; but she makes him jump through some hoops to prove himself worthy (one of her requests is that he show up for a date, but not be late; she bluntly tells him there’s no time to shower, because she’s hungry).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Maverick asks, at one point, of Charlie, “Do you always get what you want?” and she replies, “Usually.” She’s assertive, confident in her opinions, and at first, doesn’t want to date him because she doesn’t want her reputation tarnished by dating a cadet under her instruction—but her emotions get involved with him, and she falls in love with him, and starts seeing him seriously on the side. She cares about how she comes across and whether she gets respect from other people, is determined to be the best at her job, and also shows a lot of 2 wing traits in how when Maverick is at his worst, she comes alongside him, encourages him to “get back in the game” (showing a 3’s belief that you always have to fight, pull through hard times, and keep moving), and tries to console him.

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