Maverick fully lives in the moment and takes advantage of any opportunity, whether that involves pulling dangerous mid-air stunts and disobeying orders to go directly after enemy aircraft, or hitting on a girl in a bar and then lying and saying they made out with each other to win a gamble with his friends. She’s one of his instructors, but he doesn’t hesitate to get into a sexual relationship with her. He spends all of his own time when he’s not flying doing other physical activities like playing sports with his friends. The SJs in the squadron see him as too “reckless” and “confident,” because he knows his body can handle any maneuver and so he leaps at the chance to take immediate action, often without regard for the longer-term consequences (inferior Ni). He continues this behavior in the sequel (Maverick), to where he takes his pilots on dangerous training missions, constantly pushes the limits of what his body and the plane can endure, is often in trouble with his superiors for his reckless opportunism, and even gets shot down on a daring mission (after which he steals a plane and flies it despite having a too-short runway to taxi up and then shoots down the pilots that come after him). He figures out things as he goes and just knows that he can trust his body to know what to do; it doesn’t bother him to fly an unfamiliar and out of date machine, since he fiddles with the controls and figures them out rapidly based on what he already knows (Ti operating off a framework of previous understanding). He has no real ambitions beyond to innovate and get ahead, to be competitive and become “the best pilot” in the force. He shows a lot of tert-Fe charm and ability to get others to like him, but also a need to impress them, a boastful attitude about his accomplishments, and the feeling that he can talk anyone into anything, especially to get himself out of trouble. He warmly opens up to his friends and has no real enemies on the base; most of the men respect him, even if they disagree with his methods.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Maverick is a thrill-seeker who loves to do things like buzz the tower on his way back home (which earns him a reprimand) because it’s fun; his careless attitude and disrespect for the rules (seeing them as “not applying” to him) often gets him into trouble with his commanders. He is arrogant and self-confident, assuming he is the best pilot in the room by default, and that he is going to get his name on the plaque that denotes the finest pilots in the academy. Even though his forceful, assertive personality is off-putting at first to other people, especially his fellow pilots, his commanding officer likes it because he wants opinionated, fierce thinkers on his team. Maverick believes in ‘action,’ rather than thinking. He instinctively goes after whatever he wants to do, using his 8 wing to get things done and push through his agenda. He mocks others for wanting to put safety first, and is somewhat irresponsible in how he does whatever he wants, without thinking about protecting his friends in combat (something Iceman gets after him for). After the death of his best friend (which he causes through his recklessness), Maverick goes through a disintegration into 1 – he becomes furious at himself for being stupid, short-sighted, and reckless, and punishes himself by dropping out of the academy, until someone convinces him to return. He then shows more maturity in choosing to become a flight instructor.

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