Cyril is a by the book man, who also is a natural leader within the “Christian” ranks. He rises to power, forms a bunch of guards who patrol the city, and gives them their orders. He issues rules and expects obedience, most of which are based on things he doesn’t like and through selective readings of the scriptures. He is firm in his convictions and blunt in what he believes, with an attitude that people get what they deserve if they are fools.  He isn’t content to let people live as they please, but wants all of them to convert, and be a part of the religion that gives him power. He respects it and sees it as something to build upon that is lasting, showing a Si user’s desire for permanence and to hold onto something that isn’t ephemeral. He doesn’t show much Ne, except in his broad-picture thinking and desire to change the entire face of the city, to remake it according to the religious traditions (he wants to take authority away from women and for them to be silent, especially pagan women who will not stop the spread of science that he feels threatens his religious beliefs). Cyril clearly has a deep personal conviction about what he is doing, showing his Fi, but it lacks basic compassion for other human beings when it comes to enforcing his rules.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Others say of him that he wants to cleanse the city and the earth, and it’s true. Cyril is obsessed with ‘virtue’ and believes that gives him the right to impose his will, beliefs, standards, and religion on other people. He will not allow a woman to live who defies the ‘holy scriptures,’ and who will not convert, and sees this as the righteous path. After the Jews complain of being attacked, stoned, and ‘unable to fight back, because it is the Sabbath,’ Cyril tells them they deserved it for stuffing themselves with good foods upon the Sabbath (accusing them of gluttony). When his own followers are stoned by the Jews, he tells them that they will not retaliate for this attack, but learn to forgive and ‘shed tears for your executioners.’ He lives a life and preaches things based on ‘should’ – what people should do, how they should live, how they should feel, and worship, and obey. He has high standards that no one quite lives up to, and is idealistic but untouchable in how he spreads them. His 9 wing makes him calm and detached from things, disinterested in living any kind of pleasurable life so much as being at peace with his decisions, some of which are cruel.

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