Orestes is much more ‘present’ and grounded than Hypatia. He attends her philosophical and mathematical classes and occasionally offers insights and thoughts of his own, but also doesn’t understand her intense need to analyze and study the cosmos. He says it is there, and it works, why question it? He has a reputation for being a womanizer who is not serious about his studies at first, but eventually matures into a man who is very aware of what is going on around him, and quick to respond to it, either through conversion or by immediately sensing that Cyril’s sermon is a direct attack on Hypatia, and immediately going to warn her that she needs to protect herself. He’s far more aware of the serious consequences of her refusal than she is, since she only cares about the mind, whereas he is aware of the body’s importance. Orestes is emotional, easily insulted, and compassionate, but also has things he will and will not do. He goes along with anything that isn’t important to him (such as conversion to save his life) but refuses to bow before Cyril when he launches an attack against Hypatia. He will not go along with anything that threatens a woman he cares about, which almost gets him stoned to death. He storms out of the forum when he gets upset, and vanishes after her martyrdom. His Te can’t understand her obsession with analyzing things and pulling them apart. If they work, why question it? But he also offers some thoughtful, factual insights to her that helps her along with her theories. He philosophizes and tries to connect to the deeper meaning in things, but this isn’t his preferred method and he proves a much better politician.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Orestes tries to be whatever impresses other people, and for a while, he directs this at Hypatia. She tells him to go away and learn music, so he does so – and then he performs in front of the forum in the hopes of wooing her. He’s humiliated enough to walk out on her the next day, when she responds by giving him a cloth with her period blood on it as a rejection and a message to everyone else that she wants no one to court her. But he manages to save face, and remain her friend. He asks people what they think of him, and they all agree that he is “bold” and “passionate.” Years later, he has become a popular figure in government who urges others to go along with things. He converted to Christianity from paganism to save his own life and because it’s what is “done” at the time. He tells Hypatia to do the same, so she can continue teaching, but cannot save her life. In many ways, he reaches into his 2 wing in terms of always being romantically attached to her, seeking for ways to help her (either as a lover or from a position of power), and in his need to be loved and seen as important in her eyes.

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