Valenti notices anything out of the ordinary, because it doesn’t fit what’s normal and makes sense in his world—such as the weird happenings around Roswell, including people being healed from gunshot wounds, mysterious lights and events in the woods, and the behavior of Max and his friends. He carefully investigates, tracking down details, asking questions about the kids, finding out where they came from, and following them, which causes them to feel anxious. He scoffs at his father’s experiences with ‘aliens’ at first but becomes more reliant on them over time, using them as a launching point in which to investigate what is going on. Once he sees Max heal his son, he  comes to trust and work with him, protecting and serving him as an extension of being a law enforcement officer. Valenti takes his job as a cop seriously, and tries to protect and serve from a place of facts. He can come across as intimidating to the kids, because he wants to find out the truth and isn’t always aware of or concerned with their feelings. He doesn’t realize when he’s scaring them. He often points out the logic of situations to others (the person he dealt with must have been a shape-shifter, like in his father’s records; the kids need to be careful not to expose themselves to danger unnecessarily; his son needs to stay away from them in case he gets hurt, etc). Valenti doesn’t talk about his feelings so much as he puts an emphasis on doing his job well, serving the public, and being a good cop. He cares deeply about his son, but makes the mistake of over-restricting his freedom at times to keep him safe. Valenti’s blind spot is his intuition; he doesn’t believe anything without proof, but he accepts what others show him when it makes sense, such as not knowing he’s been deceived about a woman’s whereabouts until he realizes she died in a fire, and the person in charge of the situation has never heard of him before and certainly never met him (he is then curious about who came to their town and pretended to be someone else, and why).

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Valenti is suspicious about everything and wants to get to ‘the truth.’ He continues to dig at things and search for answers even when others tell him to leave things alone or move past them. He’s suspicious of Max and his intentions and doesn’t trust him until Max shows him that he doesn’t intend to hurt anyone. His experiences with his father have taught him to be cautious and assume the worst of these aliens and what they want. He cautions them to be careful, to trust no one, to keep things secret, and to go into hiding when he fears they may be in danger. He is also self-reliant and self-trusting. Valenti digs into things, wants to be good at his job, and has a strong need to be respected in his position of sheriff. He is protective, but not always emotionally attached to his son, which causes Kyle to rebel at times from his authority and ‘do his own thing.’

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