Michael is forever thinking about everything and puzzling it out on his mind. He wonders more than any of his friends about the meaning behind events, and what things mean, and struggles the most with being relatable, reachable, and emotional. Things like relationships and what girlfriends expect from him baffle him, because he has not clue what that entails, or what Maria needs to hear from him, or what the right thing to say to her is, which means he often winds up frustrated and/or not speaking to her, because he can’t live up to her expectations. He often wants to do the rational thing, which isn’t always “moral” according to Max—like get rid of someone before they get rid of us, or get in the car and move on from a situation. He often throws himself into dangerous situations, by being the initiator. Michael breaks into people’s houses, steals cars and drives them across the border, goes out into the woods at night, and even kidnaps Maria at one point. Michael tends to get physically involved with people impulsively, and not ascribe any meaning to it — it’s just making out to him and doesn’t involve his feelings. Michael often has a ‘hunch’ about things and knows he needs to follow them; he needs to figure out what’s going on, and what it means, and what it symbolizes for him, and where it’s going in the future, which is a process of Ti/Ni. He trusts his intuition and goes after things hard, even when others are not in support of his ideas. His inferior Fe shows most often in his relationship dynamics, in not knowing how he fits into his friendship group, in how to maintain his relationships, and in being socially awkward and a loner. Michael often has lower Fe outbursts where he lets people have it, or loses his temper, because he feels too much pressure from other people and their ‘neediness.’

Enneagram: cp6w7 sp/so

Michael tries to act like an 8 most of the time by being assertive and direct, but he’s actually coming from a place of fear, paranoia, suspicion, and cautiousness. He rebels against his own fear by premature action and by being impulsive, but he’s always thinking the worst of people, assuming they are out to get him, thinking that Tess is up to something nefarious, trying to drive Max and Liz apart early in their relationship because it might draw negative attention to them, etc. He tries to convince Isabel and Max to run away with him and avoid their problems, since he’s scared that the local cops are going to find out who they are, put him in a lab, and perform experiments on him. His 7 wing wants to run away from things, lives in denial about being responsible to other people, and doesn’t want to talk about the bad stuff in his life (an abusive adopted father and living in a lousy trailer park). He can be selfish and unpredictable, but at the end of the day want to remain connected to his friends and have their support.

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