Howard is an extremely logical man, who also happens to be very unhinged; he convinced himself that ‘one day’ he would need a bunker to protect himself from an unknown invading force, so he built it over the course of several years and stocked it with everything he might need. He made lots of innovations and rational decisions about what he might require to live underground for several years, and made sure everything works, is self-filtering, and keeps out the outside air. He tells Michelle to shower to get rid of any potential contamination, and deposes of anything that might be contaminating and/or wasteful, including a body. He presumably did the same thing to the girl he kidnapped and murdered. He’s very hands-on and proactive; after he accidentally runs someone off the road, he decides on a whim to rescue her and bring her back to his bunker, then allows in another young man who was begging him to be rescued. He built the entire place himself and is meticulous in maintaining it. He is also erratic and makes spur of the moment decisions, such as when he threatens both of them and winds up shooting one of his ‘prisoners.’ He then cuts him up and disposes of his body in a vat of acid, so he won’t have to deal with anything ‘but the bones.’ Howard’s lower Ni comes up with a singular theory (I will need this bunker one day) and doesn’t stop until his plan comes to fruition. He’s also right about the invasion and the alien forces and a lot of other things, which Michelle doesn’t find out about until she escapes and sees them for herself. His inferior Fe is… dangerous at best. He loses his temper often when he feels he is not being fully appreciated. When Emmett annoys him by chattering all during supper, he blows up at him and tells him to shut up—and he says that not only is his talking bothering me, it’s also “bothering Michelle,” as he insinuates that they are of the same mind. He can be creepy in his attempts to bond with Michelle, coming across as predatory in his attempts to be “friendly” and insist that they are a team now. He’s happy and pleased when they work together “as a team” to get things done.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Howard is one of the most “advanced conspiracy theorists around” according to Emmett. He was fearful of an invasion (by Russians, Chinese, or Martians) years before anyone else knew they were a threat, which made him appear insane to those around him—but, as he points out, he took the proactive route by thinking of everything he might need and building a bunker! Even though he planned to live there alone, he wound up “rescuing” two other people, whom he “takes care of.” He sees it as his responsibility to look after them and protect them from harm, real or imagined. He winds up killing one of them, because as he tells Michelle, “he was planning on hurting you. I had to stop him from hurting you.” After that, his attempts to be closer to her escalate in chaotic violence, distrust, suspicion, and forcefulness. His 5 wing is extremely protective of his limited resources and stingy (don’t flush the toilet unless you’ve gone; we can’t waste water). He’s also self-congratulating about his generosity to saving two “ungrateful people.”

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