Michelle is extremely good at working within her environment, innovating, and figuring out what to do next. Once “kidnapped,” she sharpens her crutch into a blunt point, sets a t-shirt on fire in the vent to set off the smoke alarm, kicks a bucket of acid in front of him, gets him angry so that he will back her up against the wall and she can steal his keys, and gets out of the bunker as fast as she can. She uses common household goods and a magazine tutorial to make a gas mask and gas suit. Michelle isn’t afraid to escape, or to put herself in harm’s way. She tests the man holding her “captive,” by seeing how far she can push his anger, just so she can grab his keys. She thrusts things in his path, overturns shelves, and sets the entire bunker on fire, before  she uses common stuff found in a truck to blow something sky-high.She does not bond with her companions; she remains separate from them, and keeps her feelings to herself. Michelle shares her theories or plans instead. She clearly is scared, but hides it well. She doesn’t mind provoking others’ emotions to get something, but derives no pleasure from it (it serves Te). Everything she does is oriented toward results, and based on the facts. She (it doesn’t tell us this, but we can presume) assumes the man who kidnapped her is insane, and is suspicious of his companion, until she feels him out, gets a better sense of him. She finds it hard to believe in a nuclear blast or poison gas until she sees a woman with her face half-melted. She is incredulous when one of his crazier theories turns out to be true; but each time, she kicks into survival mode. She does what is practical, useful, and will get her swift results (Se/Te) – such as making a gas mask and suit, or having her friend trick their captor into getting rid of something she can use. Not all her hunches turn out correct, and we don’t get solid evidence on the others; but the evidence strongly suggests that she is right, straight from the off – their captor may be right about a certain thing, but he’s also a psychopath who has killed someone. She figures that out, and doesn’t waver from her personal conviction on it.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

The first time we see Michelle, she is packing all of her stuff into a suitcase and leaving her boyfriend—because they had a fight. As she confesses later to someone else, when things get “tough… I do what I always do… and leave.” She feels a lot of shame around the time she wanted to step in and defend an abused child from her father, but just stood there and did nothing, and after he hit the kid – “I ran away, like I always do.” She can’t deal with hard things, with conflict, or with staying put and toughing things out, like a 7 always on the run and searching for an easier road. She’s also assertive and proactive, trying every way she can think of to escape, getting in her abductor’s face, and eventually killing him in her bid for freedom (and then deciding, for once in her life, not to run away, but to join the “real fight” in Huston). Michelle shows a lot of 6 wing tactics in that she identifies this man immediately as insane and dangerous and doesn’t push his buttons unless she wants something out of him (like to steal his keys); she is cautious of him, wary of his intentions, suspicious about his motives, and doubts everything he tells her about what’s happening in the outside world. She wants proof! She also recruits the other person in the bunker to be her “partner in conspiracy,” and to work with her toward the means of their escape, and is devastated when he’s killed in front of her.

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