Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Isabel prefers to make rational decisions rather than emotional ones, which is why she keeps her boyfriends at an emotional distance throughout the show and isn’t aware that she loves Alex until a few days before she loses him. She’s an excellent student and easily able to fit into a new environment and ‘blend in’ in a way that the others struggle with. Some of the other students think she’s ‘cold’ and ‘distant’ because of how rational she is, but Isabel actually cares deeply about her brother, her foster parents, and her friends. She is often proactive in problem solving and telling what her siblings to do; she also cautions Max not to get involved with Liz, or show off his powers in public, because that would mean they would need to move away, and she doesn’t want to leave what’s comforting and familiar to her. Isabel more than her brother loves to be safe, and rely on what’s practical. She doesn’t like change or to take risks, is cautious in whom she trusts, and often has runaway fears. She doesn’t know what to do with her dreams that indicate she is supposed to be with Michael, and feels apprehension in dealing with Tess (“she really scared me, Max”) when she doesn’t know what’s going on, or who she is. She becomes unsettled at the idea of not being able to trust the people she loves the most, while feeling disconnected from her feelings and reluctant to commit to her boyfriend. She takes a long time to figure out what she feels, and is still standoffish with her friends even after she starts to trust Maria and Liz (for whom she does the occasional favor, but not without rolling her eyes and sighing). She shows some low Fi at times in not caring about people outside her intimate inner circle; she wants to protect her and Max and Michael the most, and it’s only over time that circle expands to include outsiders. Occasionally, she has outbursts related to her feelings (“you never stopped to ask how I feel, because this is happening to me too, not just you!”).

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Isabel is trying to live up to an image crafted around what her parents want from her, and who she wants to be. She is one of the most popular kids at school and easily able to merge into a group and disappear, by seeming to be ‘normal.’ She doesn’t like to show her ‘freak’ side to just anyone, and feels deeply uncomfortable with her own emotions, with others becoming close to her, and with her presentation. She doesn’t want to be rejected by their parents as a ‘freak’ if they find out the truth, so she keeps the truth from them and begs Max to do the same. She wants to be seen as normal, one of the crowd, and goes to great lengths to be successful, desirable, and beautiful with her own circles. Though she can be somewhat standoffish, over time her 2 wing comes out more and more, as she finds ways to be useful to her family and friends, and even goes out of her way to help Liz and Max by waiting on tables for them in a crisis. She feels better about herself when she’s connected to others, and more in touch with her true feelings, while also having a 2ish sense of her own inherent desirability.

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