Max is extremely people-oriented, and always thinking about what’s best for everyone collectively, from his relationship with Liz to how he interacts with his sister and their friend Michael. He keeps them together as a group and wants to do things for the benefit of all, but is also quick to emotionally react. He can’t let Liz bleed out when she’s shot, so he heals her even though it puts him at risk of exposure, and then instantly falls in love with her, going back again and again to her, despite knowing the danger of doing so. He can’t fight his feelings for her, or his feelings for Tess when they become emotionally involved and she puts him under mind control. Though he seems introverted, he eagerly moves toward people, always wanting to do what’s right by them, and talk about things rather than ignore them. He is willing to put aside his own feelings to protect the others. He’s also somewhat traditional. Michael says that he feels comfortable with Max, because “he’s stable.” He’s always the same, and he can be counted upon. He’s organized and a good student, lives a life of structure, and tries to dial back his impulsive behaviors. He cautions Michael against being erratic or doing things off the cuff. He wants the others to be more careful and not take risks, while sometimes taking them himself. He also is tied to tradition and the expectations of those around him, including falling for Tess and sleeping with her, because it was ‘foretold’ and he was ‘sent here’ to take this path. Max falls into typical courting rituals and similar behaviors about how couples ‘should’ act. He becomes anxious and isn’t sure what’s going to happen under pressure, tapping into low Ne thinking in terms of unspecific fears. Max asks tons of questions of everything in an attempt to understand it and make sense of it; he doesn’t want to operate off assumptions unless he grasps the nuances first and knows what he thinks about things, but he doesn’t really question his own motivations enough (inferior Ti).  

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Max feels a strong need to be appropriate, to do right by other people, and to take care of his loved ones. He feels a lot of guilt if he does anything wrong, even if it’s not entirely his fault (such as kissing Tess when he’s in love with Liz). He immediately goes to Liz to apologize and explain that he can’t make sense of what’s happening to him. He has a strong sense of leadership and is the moral voice of the group, refusing to go along with Michael’s amoral plans and distrusting and confronting Tess about deliberately trying to entice him into things. He is firm in his convictions, and always sure of what he is doing, as a gut type. His 2 wing is emotional and involved, wanting to love and invest in people’s lives, but from a place of assuming he’s important and necessary to the dynamics of the group. Michael has accused him of being ‘invasive’ before and ‘controlling.’

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