Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Angel is emotionally detached and curious about Michael, because, “I don’t understand you.” Nothing he does – the selfless love, the lack of a desire to have her sexually, his kindness—makes any sense. It’s not what she expects from the harsh world that she grew up in, and she doesn’t know what to make of it. She trades sex for the things she wants, because that’s all she’s ever known and she can separate her feelings from the act itself. She struggles to understand why Michael loves her, and cares about her, and wants to rescue her from her life, and bluntly tells him to get lost early on in their relationship. She marries him to escape her current situation after being beaten, as a transaction – and she intends to pay him off and leave. And leave, she does. Angel tells the other girls that she has learned not to look back or ahead, but to “live for today, in the moment.” She is industrious and clever in how she finds ways to earn a living after she leaves Michael (she winds up cooking in a kitchen and running a restaurant, then gets taken by force back to a brothel, where she turns a mob against Duke and rescues the little girls he has abused; she also gets a ride with a peddler, and Michael’s brother-in-law on her way back to town). She often sets off for town without a plan of what to do when she gets there, any money, or any awareness of it being twenty miles away. She can sometimes be impulsive, such as when she baits a man into beating her half to death by taunting him, and by accepting Michael’s proposal. She shows keen insights into others’ characters, when she calls out Paul for being a hypocrite and says at least everyone knows what she is, and she doesn’t pretend to be anything else. She also shows an abundance of weak Fe – her desire is to “please” men without emotional involvement. To her, sex is just biological and mechanical, and it takes her by surprise when she enjoys it with her new husband. She cares about him so much, she leaves him rather than explain that she cannot have children (and then leaves him again, when she sees another girl that would make him happier). In this way, she’s doing things for him out of love, but lacks the emotional awareness required to talk to him about her feelings, and her perception of his needs, rather than just up and leave. Eventually she confesses her love for him to his face, and they reconcile.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Angel waffles between withdrawn attachment, the desire to be distant from people, and her need to push against them. She reacts against people, even when it’s dangerous to do so; she sasses the people who ‘own’ her and gets smacked in the face, and baits one man into beating her to death (she hopes he will kill her, and put her out of her misery, because she’s so depressed at the state of her life of sexual abuse). Even though she resists Michael at first, she also starts to attach to him, and then has an attack of self-doubt about herself being “good enough” (she is no longer “pure”), so she runs away in order to give him a better life. Angel is good at ‘running’ away and avoiding things; when things get hard, or her emotions get involved, she hits the road and goes running back to her old life rather than cope with her feelings, because it promises her a degree of freedom. She wanted to buy her way out of the brothel, to own her own business, and to be in charge of herself, and when she couldn’t escape her life, she ceased trying and gave up on living altogether. She fights for her own autonomy and right to do what she wants through her 8 wing, while being compliant and going along with things as a 9 core.

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