Function Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Maria has a vivid sense of humor, and a broad understanding of things; once she learns about aliens, she freaks out – but is also curious about things Liz doesn’t think about, like their biological urges, their abilities, and whether there are more of them. Maria has a quirky way of seeing the world; when Liz warns her to be more careful speaking about “aliens,” Maria just off the cuff changes the word to Czechoslovakian… and continues her discussion. She waffles between carelessness and super-cautiousness, paranoia and stability, in an unpredictable trend. Maria is quick to leap to the most interesting conclusion, over the most realistic one. Maria often leaps to rapid but accurate conclusions, such as knowing something is up with Tess before anyone else does, and wanting to deal with it immediately. She is heavily invested in her romantic relationship, by trying to look on the bright side, while fretting about his inconsistencies. She has strong opinions and doesn’t back down from them. Her relationship with Michael forms through a silent bond that becomes stronger the longer they know one another. She complains more frequently about the problem than she shares her own feelings. Maria can be warm and affectionate – to those she cares about – and distant and unapproachable if she’s going through problems, or toward those that get on her nerves. She often reacts emotionally. At work, Maria can put on her grown up pants – and become bossy, lay down the law with other waitresses (“You’re here to serve, and we have a full house tonight, so you’re NOT taking a break right now!”), and get the job done. She believes in having a plan. Maria can be blunt, even insulting from time to time, particularly with Michael, whom she thinks is a slacker, because he skips school more often than he attends. Her mother’s similar nature means Maria has a very “free” home life, without much stability in it; but she seems to find comfort in being close to home, in having a regular job, etc. Her conclusion that Max wants to smooch Liz comes from “everyone in the school knows what the Chalk Room is for…” followed by a long list of examples of who did what there. She freaks a bit when confronted entirely with the unknown; all of her expectations from aliens come from old horror movies.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Maria is typical for her type in that she is always worrying about things, bouncing between optimism and pessimism. She is cautious and paranoid, often assuming the worst and fretting about what’s going to happen, whether that is thinking that Michael is going to hurt her with his alien powers early in their relationship (and being angry at him for ‘stealing her car’), or telling Liz she should be more concerned about who Max is keeping time with outside of school. She will say that she feels one way about Michael, and then next day change her mind and do the opposite. She sends him mixed signals, feeling anxious when he pulls away but also wanting him to conform to more of a ‘normal’ relationship built on communication and doing things together. She is cautious but also opens up with her 7 wing into taking risks, going on adventures, and avoiding her problems through re-framing, looking at the bright side, and holding onto her friends. She feels much safer around them, in a group, than she feels alone.

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