Liz is studious, contentious, and detail-oriented. She is quite content in her life – even though she has future plans, she shows up for work on time every day, enjoys messing with the tourists (by sharing pictures of “aliens”), goes to school, and admits in her diary that she likes her life, but also feels a bit of a pull toward the “unknown.” Liz knows how the world works; she warns her friends against testing the sheriff too much, and being careful of the consequences of risky stunts. When Marie tells her that the upstairs chalk room is mostly a “making out” room, Liz assumes that’s why Max invited her there. Liz turns up to work one day with a plan for greater efficiency among the staff – it involves a color coded system plan, with new assigned tasks for everyone. She admits that one of her biggest desires is “control” over her life, her environment, her school work, and her relationships. Her dream is to major in molecular biology. She also addresses situations immediately as they arise, talking about her feelings on the spot—going to Max and confronting him about seeing him kiss another girl, asking what he feels for her, and thinking about what’s best for the group. She takes on other people’s problems as her own, and is concerned with their feelings. Liz immediately wants to address things and deal with them, such as going over to Tess’ house to confront her about kissing Max and saying they should ‘talk about it.’ She keeps a journey full of her thoughts, as she tries to reason them out and figure out ‘why’ she feels what she feels. She always opens up to her best friend Marie, and talks about whatever she is going through, and what’s going on in her life, rather than pulling away from him. She’s always asking why, and trying to figure out rational solutions; she’s also a talented student, who almost always gets straight A’s. When Max refuses to heal her grandmother after a stroke, even though Liz is devastated at the loss, she respects Max’s decision and is able to move beyond it. She’s always the one warning her friends to BE CAREFUL, and not take risks. She at first underestimates the danger of knowledge, but then becomes a little worry-wart, fretting about the sheriff and his intentions, underestimating the vindictiveness of her ex-boyfriend, and not being able to always read situations correctly. She doesn’t understand why Max avoids her for awhile or why he has bruises all over his face.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Liz is group-oriented and cautious. She wants to know everything about what’s going on and tries to rationally and carefully think through problems. She doesn’t just trust everyone offhand, but researches and asks tons of questions so that she knows what she’s dealing with. Though mostly optimistic, Liz also becomes anxious under stress, and starts telling her friends, especially Max, to be more careful. She has a lot of anxiety about abandonment within her relationship, and shows separation anxiety and trust issues with Max (especially when she sees him kissing another girl). Her 5 wing shows in how careful she is to be well-infomred, a good student, and not take unnecessary risks. She prefers to remain detached and think things through before committing to them. She takes her job seriously and wants to be competent in her job, so she gets anxious whenever she fails an exam or struggles with her homework.

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