John is a brilliant sociopath who steals Dream’s ruby from his mother and ‘modifies it’ so that it will only work for him and protect him from harm, while forcing people to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. He is emotionally detached from people and sees them as a hypothetical concept, in a broad manner – humanity as a whole rather than individuals. We see this most clearly in the episode in the diner, when he starts messing with people and forcing them to tell the truth, in his desire to only live in a world without lies. He insists in a naïve way that this will make things better, but has no concept of why lies exist, how they benefit society, and how they enable people to be better and more decent human beings. When others wind up self-destructing because of his interference, he insists that none of it was his fault, and that they all had those things inside their hearts (“if you had not wanted to kill him, you would not have done so”). He judges people purely on abstract terms, revolving around an over-simplified understanding of human dynamics (all lies being wrong; liars are bad people; bad people deserve punishment). His ‘ideal’ world is one in which no lies exist, but he sits calmly at the table eating ice cream while the world burns, people commit suicide all around him, and chaos unfolds on earth because of his misuse of Dream’s ruby. He gets out of the asylum and immediately wants to return to his storage container for the ruby, getting a ride from a nice woman on the street and then telling her the truth about himself, and the bad things he has done – but he doesn’t see himself as morally reprehensible, so much as a victim of circumstances. Others tried to take his ruby from him and died; that is not his fault. His weak Fe enables him to hold to rigid ideas of how ‘we’ should all be (moral, by not telling lies) without being super conscious of how he’s coming across, how others are responding to him, whether he’s doing a bad thing in violating their right to make their own decisions and removing their social filters.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

John only cares about enforcing morals on other people—according to his standards. He’s zealous and idealistic, wanting to change the world by enforcing his own beliefs on humanity at large, under the mistaken belief that if we all stopped lying to each other, society would improve. It’s a warped social 1’s mission to ‘evangelize’ through fire. He doesn’t care how many people commit suicide, how many planes crash, how many marriages fall apart, how many people cheat on each other, so long as everyone is open and honest about whatever they think and feel. He has a combination of rigidity, moral absolutes, and total detachment working for him, where he’s unaffected by other people and ignores anything he deems unpleasant as a consequences of his actions.

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