The Corinthian is an opportunist of the highest caliber, who doesn’t waste any time taking advantage of Dream’s capture to ensure that he stays imprisoned for as long as possible—so that he can raise a little hell in the mortal realm. When Dream escapes and returns to his world, he immediately sets out to ensure he doesn’t get back his sand, his ruby, or his helmet, by working against him and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He is a sadistic serial killer who takes pride in other murderers wanting to emulate him and being impressed by his callous disregard for human life (leading him to hunt down those who are besmirching his name through copycat killings, and then agree to talk at their serial killer convention). His methods are logical and creative, but not exactly compassionate, since he’s a sociopath who charms who he wants to, but doesn’t bother to hide his blunt logic when push comes to shove. (His reasoning: capture the vortex, so she can take over the dream realm; that defeats Dream and allows him to stay free.) He can be charming and persuasive, convincing a little boy that he has his best intentions in mind (rather than is using him as bait) and speaking proudly to all who emulate and admire him, and encouraging them in their sadistic work. He doesn’t want anything beyond his freedom, nor does he waste much time in thinking about the future. He mostly lives in the present moment, and in his hands-on murders, casual sex, etc.

Enneagram: 3w4 sx/so

The Corinthian is all charm and pretenses, able to adapt to any situation and convince others that he is one of them. He seduces and then murders people, and eats their eyeballs to further his own understanding of humanity. He over-adapts at times, but is also able to win over people’s trust by giving them whatever he thinks they need (a friend, a romance, friendly advice). He’s assertive in that he goes after what he wants, and somewhat manipulative, but also fiercely protective over his ego. The Corinthian doesn’t like it when others copycat his crimes and then take credit for it, but when he finds and confronts them and they invite him to be the keynote speaker at a serial killer conference, he immediately agrees, eager to show off in front of people. His 4 wing is elitist and withdrawn, preferring to work alone, a bit of a snob when it comes to his aesthetics and mistreatment of his victims, and always a little dissatisfied with his lot in life.

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