Function Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Dream has created an entire realm that functions well, provided he is there to see to it that things run smoothly; he invents dreams and nightmares to balance them out, bringing life to abstract creations and investing them with such life, they often rebel against him and escape into the world. His capture is a result of his inferior Se – despite being told that it’s dangerous to pursue nightmares in the real world, he does so, gets captured and imprisoned for a hundred years, and returns to find his realm in shambles. He assumes he can remake it by restoring his power, but then finds himself at loss when he has recovered his totems – they gave him a “sense of purpose,” and without a vision or a clear idea for his life, he doesn’t know what to do. His battle against Lucifer is an epic showdown of abstract concepts, in which they duel in imagery and thoughts, until he finally defeats her by stating that “hope” is the one thing that can beat her eternal darkness at the end of life. He is also somewhat unrealistic about his own limitations and abilities, and clueless about reality; his assistant has to point out to him that things and people change over time, because his default is to assume that no one ever changes, least of all humans. He often gets locked into a single solution and can’t see any other path; it takes others to think in diverse ways around him and show him that he doesn’t have to kill the vortex to save the realms. Dream comes across as very cold at times, to any feelers around him, because he does what’s objective and logical without allowing his emotions to get in the way. He unmakes a beautiful dragon, the pet he gave to two friends, in order to collect enough sand to journey back into the mortal realms (but he leaves them a baby goblin in return as an apology); when he finds his sand and takes it from a sleeper, he knows the woman will die, but he gives her a dream so that she goes in her sleep; he believes he will need to kill the vortex to protect humanity and explains why to her, so she will understand it. He is untouched by other people’s feelings and unwilling to compromise on his own principles; he has a lot of compassion and sympathy, but is unable to show it most of the time. He spends a hundred years in silence, out of resentment toward his captors; about 90 of those years in punishment for them killing his pet raven. He places a great deal of emphasis on his need to do the right thing, and he can be quite terse with his companions—storming out when someone implies that Dream ‘needs’ him (he doesn’t need a friend in a mere mortal!). He persists in doing dangerous things and taking risks, even after he knows it threatens his own realm, by diving into the lake of dreams, venturing into the mortal realm, chasing after his nightmares, and walking through dreams.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Dream can brood for decades without doing anything about it; he decides the humans aren’t worth communicating with so he ignores all attempts by them to get him to talk for over a hundred years. He also pulls away from other beings and insists on doing things for himself, showing his withdrawn nature. He ignores others’ pain when dealing with them, because he feels detached from humanity, but also gives in from time to time and allows others to set the agenda. He refuses to back down from any agreements he has made, even when he has to beat Lucifer in hell to win back his helmet. At one point, Dream is on his way through hell and meets up with an ex who betrayed him; she says if he will just forgive her, she can get out of hell and continue on her journey in the afterlife. He shakes his head and says he has not forgiven her yet, then leaves her there – he sees his anger as justified and righteous, and is unwilling to move past it, even to see her suffering as a consequence. Dream is often this way, thinking he knows what is best, and abiding by his ‘duty’ – to his realm, to humanity, etc. He can seem quite cold and distant as a result, because he will not compromise. He is critical of anyone who doesn’t understand their duties and obligations and feel beholden to them, including unmaking a nightmare after giving them a lecture about fulfilling their destiny, but also reconsiders due to their desire to become a dream and remakes them, showing that he can change and adapt over time.

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