Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Edward is not your typical child; he’s barely into his teens and already thinking strategically about the future of his kingdom, and remarking that it’s stupid to fight a war in Scotland that ‘we cannot afford.’ He warns his uncles and others that there will be ‘serious consequences’ to their decisions, including losing Mary Queen of Scots. If she escaped to France, then fighting the war was for nothing and is a humiliation! He shows logical thinking at the Council meetings, and is angry when others do not respect his position just because he is young, because he has confidence that he can rule efficiently by himself. He also has great ambitions for the future of his kingdom; when he’s on what he thinks is his deathbed, he attempts to force Mary to convert to Protestantism, because he doesn’t want her to ‘undo everything I have done.’ When Elizabeth pleads with him not to marry her off, he refuses because he sees her as a bartering tool. Edward also won’t let her joust even if she wants to, because ‘it wouldn’t do for your future husband to arrive and find you dead or hurt.’ When she refuses, he asks his counselors what he can do to thwart her and prevent the line of succession from passing to her. Edward shows tert-Se enjoyment of life and impulsiveness as well; he loves to ride, hunt, be the center of attention, stay up half the night gambling and playing cards, and joust, even if it’s dangerous to him. And he shows a lot of inferior Fi hallmarks – he can be immature and petulant when crossed, throw little tantrums if he doesn’t get his way and has no respect for other people’s views that conflict with his own. Healthy Fi has no desire to impose its beliefs on other people, but Edward is willing to burn people who disagree with his faith, and tries to bully his sister Mary into becoming a Protestant.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

Edward is a religious fanatic who believes there’s a right and a wrong way to do everything, and he decides what that is. He never questions whether he is wrong or being over-handed, in his desire to ‘purify’ the court from evil Catholic influences. Some of his tactics include apologizing to his sister that she has to watch a Protestant being burned to death (he’s sorry that she has to see this, but not sorry it’s happening), attempting to force Mary to give up her Catholic beliefs and become a Protestant (because he says so), and his frequent conflicts with his uncle over who is ‘running’ the country. He remarks at one point that his uncle had better not be alive when he comes of age, because he will execute him. He also shows 4ish tendencies when under stress—he becomes self-centered and hysterical, and even insists that a beautiful falcon be plucked while it’s still alive ‘as you pluck me.’ He accuses his sisters of working against him and not having his best interests in mind. He also shows a strong 9 wing – if he’s not asserting himself, he’s asking if people are upset with him. He asks Mary if she is angry at him after she storms out of the court, offended by a vulgar mockery of the pope. He allows his uncle to make decisions for him and can be argued out of asserting a stronger position. Overall, he is idealistic and rigid in his views.

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