Function Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Elizabeth is always dreaming about her future, including when she leaps to an assumption that Thomas Seymour has an interest in her, and starts building a life in her mind around their future happiness; she sees him as courting her and flirting with her, and it blindsides her when he marries her stepmother, because that’s not what he was leading her to believe. She often pulls away from what is traditional, in favor of strategizing; though her emotions often lead her into problems, she is also careful not to compromise herself in any way that could get her executed for treason. She turns down Dudley’s proposal, saying that it’s foolishness and would endanger her position. She complains to her sister that they have no proper place at court, because she has ambitions of her own. She resists Seymour at first, because it’s inappropriate, but then surrenders to him, emotionally and physically. Elizabeth fears she has fallen pregnant and chastises herself for being “stupid.” Most of the time, we see her in a Ni/Fi loop, as she dreams about her future, and is somewhat self-absorbed and moody. She tends to lash out meanly at other people when she is jealous, such as lying to her brother and stating that Lady Jane wants to sing him a love song. She only regrets this when Jane humiliates herself, Edward laughs at her, and then she realizes that her actions have consequences; she finds Jane being beaten by her father for being a “disgrace.” Elizabeth knows that her emotions tend to be ‘selfish’ and chastises herself for them (in a 1ish desire to be “good”); she often puts her feelings first in her decisions, but also feels bad about doing so. At her best, she’s able to make decisions free from sentiment for the greater good, such as when she tells them if it was Thomas Seymour’s intent to harm the king, then he should die—regardless of her affections for him. Treason should not be forgiven. She shows inferior Se impulsive recklessness at times – rushing into the woods to kill a stag herself (she refuses to let it suffer in pain), enjoying hunting and riding and other physical sports, and carrying on a sexual relationship with her stepfather, even though it could ruin her (in her defense, she believes he intends to marry her, and ‘make it right’ and that would save her reputation).

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Elizabeth is an interesting mix of superego and compliant behaviors; she is very hard on herself if she does something she considers to be wrong, but is also assertive and opinionated. She challenges her sister and brother on a regular basis, insisting that she knows her own mind and what she wants from her life, but then will turn around and show apathy, such as when she complains to her sister about them being pawns and sold like chattel, but says they possess no choice but to go along with it and not fight, because what’s the point? She firmly knows her own mind and can confidently state that she doesn’t love Robert Dudley (for now, in season one), and chastises him when he asks her to run away with him, pointing out that “it’s my neck that you would risk, not yours! What can they do to you?” She has an affair with Thomas Seymour, but then reprimands herself for being so foolish, and confesses that she ‘wants to be good’ above all else. She forces aside her personal feelings in order to ‘serve’ her brother, seeing it as her duty to be at his side and adhere to his wishes, except when he wants her to marry a man she does not love. She doesn’t enjoy conflict, but is often in the middle of it due to her self-confidence; if it doesn’t matter, however, she will toe the line to avoid chastisement.

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