Julia wants to be ‘it’ in society, but is also blunt in how she expresses herself; she tells Selina as a girl at the finishing school that Selina must write often to her, but she herself will be far too busy and influential to write! A few years later, she is the toast of society, but still blunt and opinionated, while taking very little interest in marrying herself off to just anyone. She has been out for four seasons without ever tying the knot or accepting a proposal, in part waiting for Mr. Malcolm to like her and because she doesn’t care to be like everyone else. When he rejects her, she complains that her prospects are dwindling and she has to even the score to get back on the market. Her goal is to humiliate him in the same manner that he did her, and she never wavers from this – it makes her quite blind to anything else happening in her life, such as another man falling in love with her, or her best friend stumbling upon a love for Jeremy Malcolm. Julia finds this difficult to support, because she is so firm in her own opinion about him (her view of him as dreadful is uncompromising). She refuses to let go of her ultimate goal, even when it means ruining her best friend’s future prospects, because out of a low Fi place, she assumes her feelings out to come before other people’s. Julia spends a lot of the film in a Fi grip, feeling marginalized, wronged, and yet being clueless about genuinely deep emotions. It takes her by surprise when she falls in love with someone else… and then she reverts into a better version of herself, where she is sorry for the troubles she caused Selina, apologizes, and hopes that she can find happiness in her own life.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Julia is absolutely obsessed with her reputation and when Mr. Malcolm insults her, enabling a local artist to mock her in a sketch that sells all over town, she decides to have revenge—because he has tarnished her reputation and she wants to humiliate him in a similar manner. She can be arrogant and bold, self-promoting and charming, but is always concerned for what people are thinking about her, and saying about her. Rather than move on, have a brave face, and tell people she wasn’t interested in him anyway, she allows her 4 wing to dwell excessively on her desire for revenge, ruminate and brood over being insulted, and fester hatred for him in her soul—so much so that she neglects her own romantic prospects, is blindsided when someone falls in love with her, and then very nearly ruins her best friend’s marriage prospects!

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