Jeremy has had too many women attempting to marry him for his social position and his wealth, so he came up with a rigid list of criteria which his future wife must meet to even be considered in the matrimonial department. It includes things that are important to him, such as how intelligent, well-read, and political she is; she must have opinions and know what she’s talking about. He dismisses Julia at once, because she absurdly knows nothing about the ‘corn laws.’ His inflexibility in this shows that he has envisioned the ‘ideal’ woman and does not want to settle for anything less (to his good fortune, he finds one in Selina). Though polite, he uses logic most of the time when dealing with other people, which means he isn’t aware of their feelings. He doesn’t realize how insulted Julia was by his dismissal of her as  a prospect, or think the idea of judging people based on a list is at all wrong, because it gives him a guideline and rules by which to make his decisions. His ‘outer reserve conceals a warm heart,’ but he does not share it readily. He doesn’t approve of frivolous girls or foolish ones; they need to be as intelligent as he is. He ignores his heart in pushing aside a woman he thinks has wronged him, and then must be convinced by one of his relatives to listen to his emotions and go after her. He believes marriage should help people develop their character, and has high personal standards for himself. Jeremy is not open with his feelings, but has a kind streak, is polite to almost everyone, and does not want to do wrong by people, without letting down his own standards. He can be impulsive under stress, such as rushing to propose, and then endangering himself in chasing down Selina’s carriage to apologize to her at the end.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Jeremy has rather unreasonable expectations from the woman he intends to marry, for her to check off and rank highly on his list of idealistic traits. And he has no interest in revisiting his list, crossing things off of it, or compromising on it, because he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he won’t suffer the presence of anyone who doesn’t tick off his little boxes. In this way, he has high standards, is firm in his belief about what he wants, and believes himself to be doing the right thing, even when it offends Julia. He claims that he paid her no particular attention, and so was justified in no longer attending upon her, whereas she saw it as a public insult. He rejects Selina when he feels she has been dishonest, and cannot abide women who attempt to manipulate him in any way, even if it’s to flutter her eyelashes at him too often (a tactic to be flirtatious). All the same, however, he does not like to upset women, or engage in conflict with them; he often withdraws rather than have an argument, while refusing to back down from his opinions.

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