Selina doesn’t have much in the way of a dominant function, but she does engage happily in abstract conversations with Jeremy Malcolm when they meet by chance, in which she talks to him about the meaning of ‘hope,’ the different ways to interpret it, and her ‘hopes’ for him (that if he had hoped for something selfish, she would hope that he did not get it). She is very well read and firmly opinionated on important topics of all kinds, and also more able to see something in him that her friend Julia missed. She doesn’t think he is what Julia believed him to be, based on her brief encounters with him. Mostly, she shows a warm-hearted Fe in her ability to turn down reasonable suitors without offending them (she politely rebuffs one, while firmly reminding him that he has proposed to her before and the answer is still no). Even though she feels what Julia wants from her is dishonest, she allows herself to be talked into it and goes along with it up to the point where she knows herself to be falling in love, then refuses to hurt Mr. Malcolm as they intended. She worked as a companion to rich people, and is well-liked by everyone who meets her, because she is sweet, affirming, and encouraging to them. She shows a desire to understand others and give them the benefit of the doubt, but also can be naïve at times in how she doesn’t assume Julia is taking advantage of her, or that she would meet Jeremy in the gardens rather than a group of people. She has also been turning down marriage proposals out of an idealistic concept of ‘love’ being a proper thing for marriage, in a time when obligation and circumstance would dictate otherwise, showing a tendency to buck tradition and take risks with her future fortune (a trait of lower Se, which doesn’t fear the consequences as much as low Ne).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Selina seems to want people to get along around her; she stops one argument between Julia and her cousin outright, and then ends their discussion. She passively agrees to help Julia avenge herself, even though she has doubts about it being the right thing to do—and then willingly sits out in the gazebo and waits for her, while Julia builds up her reputation, even though she would like to attend the dance. She has a tolerant and forgiving nature, which allows her to think the best of Jeremy Malcolm despite what she has heard about him, then to forgive Julia for ruining their chances together, and wish her all the happiness in the world. She also wants to believe the best in things, and chases after happiness as an overall positive girl, despite her various misfortunes in life. Yet, her temper once roused can be ‘fearsome’ according to the man who loves her. She gives him a proper tongue lashing for his inappropriate and selfish behavior. She puts her friend Julia in her place as well, turns down a marriage proposal, and heads for the country in a little bit of a disappointed huff. She lectures people about their bad behavior, judges revenge as ‘wrong,’ and calls the man she loves ‘arrogant and condescending.’

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