Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Kim marches into the office the first time she meets this ‘brand new surgeon’ and not only tells him how great she is, and why he needs her on his team, but also what’s going wrong in his office (he needs at least two receptionists, not that stupid girl out front, and there’s no way the construction workers are going to be done by the time of their opening). She tosses his drugs when she finds them, because she doesn’t want him operating under the influence, and then confronts him about them later. But she also trusts him too readily, and assumes he is telling her the truth the several times he lies to her face—she has no idea the receptionist is his girlfriend and that she’s pregnant with his child, so finding that out from his dad blindsides her; she believes him when he insists he’s not doing drugs and coming into work, until she sees him operating while impaired. She says only after she sees something awful he does in the operating room, combined with an e-mail he sent her boasting about how god-like he is and that he could become a “stone cold murderer,” does she start to think he might be maiming and killing his patients on purpose. Unable to cope with this, Kim just up and walks out of his life—she leaves him without a word of explanation, gets a restraining order against him when he comes to her house to confront her about it (and chases him off with a shotgun), and then moves across the world to get away from him, hoping she won’t have to testify at his trial.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Kim abounds with confidence. She marches right into a doctor’s office and insists he hire her by proving how competent, smart, and necessary she is to his practice, although she admits up front that she had an affair with her last boss (and then falls into an affair with this one). She is so sure of herself, he hires her on the spot. Later, she worries about her reputation being dragged through the mud when people find out about the affair, but agrees to testify regardless (since she has no real choice in the matter, it’s a court order and they have the “right” to cross-examine her). She manages to keep her cool even when she finds out about his baby and his girlfriend in front of his father (after she believes his lies about her being the only one in his life) and his dad loves her and thinks she’s the best thing that ever happened to his son’s practice. She also has a strong desire to contribute to other people’s lives in some tangible way, feels a lot of pride in her work as a nurse, takes it seriously, and tries to comfort and reassure people. She warns one of them off as delicately as she can by suggesting she get a surgeon closer to home, since she can’t bring herself to talk bad about his incompetence, but she also doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

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