Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Randall doesn’t show as much magical thinking as Christopher, but he does seem to be insightful, and he’s the first person to suggest that this “bastard… might be doing this on purpose?” He has a sense of dislike toward him immediately when they meet and then doesn’t want to leave him alone in the operating room, even though he stands by and allows him to do a botched surgery on “my pool guy.” He looks for unorthodox methods to trap him, while being sure of his own excellence as a surgeon, as backed up by his considerable experience and his residencies at most of the hospitals in Texas. Unlike Dr. Henderson, who wants to work within the system and be methodical, Randall wants to rush things, to get this doctor suspended instantly, and to do whatever has to be done (whatever is logical, regardless of whether it is “within the law”) to get him away from people. He even suggests breaking his hands so he can never operate again. Randall has a decent bedside manner and is able to calm down patients, but is also honest with the ones he feels are capable of handling the truth. He can be charming, but people either like him or hate him, because of his 8 tendency to tell it like it is. He sometimes reminiscences about his past or uses his own experiences to frame his arguments in court.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Randall is somewhat polarizing among those who know him, because he “tells it like it is.” His opinion of Christopher is absolute – he’s a narcissistic sociopath butcher who should never be allowed anywhere near a patient ever again. When the review board does nothing, and no one seems to care, Randall’s suggested solution is to break his hands and/or his fingers to impair him from practicing his “hatchet jobs.” He doesn’t mind telling people what he thinks of Christopher, or facing him in court. He also is highly active, extroverted, and constantly busy doing things, as well as has a short temper (when he fails to get a single leaf out of his pool, he throws a tantrum, curses, and storms away). In dealing with a patient, he tells her that she has a reputation for being  a fighter, so “I’m going to give it to you straight.” But he also is playful and funny, sees himself in a positive (and slightly narcissistic) light. He calls himself “passionate and dramatic,” with a penchant for “melodrama.”

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