Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Christopher is an idealist who refuses to face the facts of his situation, whom his father feels frustrated with because he can never settle on a single career and has changed his ideas about his future many times; he thinks at first he can have a career in professional football despite being fifty pounds lighter than all of his teammates. He then goes through medical school, where he is full of big ideas about the future and tries to recruit various friends to go into business with him and move across state lines. He loves stem cell research the best, because he sees that as a ticket to fame and fortune and the “big mansion” he wants to own one day. He often complains that other people are too short-sighted or lack vision, when in reality, his own vision is extremely limited. In his absolute arrogance as someone who bends the rules and does not listen to anyone else, he cripples and/or kills a great number of his patients, removing things from their bodies other than he went in to get, leaving in sponges, and putting screws into the wrong places, to cause them as much pain and suffering as possible—for no discernable reason. A Te user would know that this would hamper their career, ruin their reputation, and their patient list would dwindle, causing their financial resources to dry up, but Christopher doesn’t think about or care about any of that, it’s more about causing as much destruction as he can, and pushing all the boundaries as far as he can. He assumes, in a tert Fe way, that he can ‘talk himself out of’ any consequences, using charm. And indeed, he’s a warm and likable man to his patients before the surgery, disarming them and being pleasant and reassuring… but after it goes wrong, he is nowhere to be found. He blames everyone else for anything that goes wrong and even accuses Jerry of ‘ruining my life’ after internally decapitating him, because Jerry told the review board they were both doing cocaine the night before the surgery. Christopher is so poor with details (and so inconsiderate of his patients), he barely remembers their names. He is also generally incompetent when it comes to the sensory realm—he fails to be any good at sports, he struggles to learn at first in school, and he finds jail hard to tolerate because it’s so “loud” all of the time.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Christopher suffers from being a narcissist (someone with no concern for anyone else; everyone else is seen as an add-on to his own ego structure and therefore he has no moral compass or emotional attachments), but most of his motivations are centered around earning the love and approval of his father and his peers. He is incredibly arrogant and denies ever doing anything wrong; any mistakes are the fault of his nurses or the hospital. When his lawyer wants to defend him at trial by insisting he is incompetent and was not trained right, he becomes infuriated at her daring to tarnish his “legacy” and is shocked when she tells him that he has no legacy; his reputation is “over,” and he will never practice medicine anywhere again. He’s so concerned with how things look, he lies about his girlfriend working the front desk and insists she’s a temp who will be “let go” soon, so he can start up a proper business. He’s obsessed with how things look and spends a great deal of money to bulk up his practice. He also lives under the delusion that he is “helping people.” Midway through the trial, he tries to convince his dad to persuade the DA to give him a deal; he will give up his license if they let him go back to stem sell research, because that’s where he could really help people. He coaches everything in the language of being helpful or useful and compassionate, even when his actions are anything but. He also shows some disintegration to 9 in his slovenly habits once his license is suspended; he gives up being competitive or caring about his appearance, puts on a massive amount of weight, and no longer can fit into his clothes (he insists to the police who come to arrest him that he just woke up from a nap, and that’s why he’s in sweats).

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