Admiral Cyclone was a tough, aggressive, and competent fighter pilot in his time, but the first instance he meets Maverick, he lectures him about being a daredevil who puts other people at risk. He informs him that he was not the first man on the list to train these pilots, and if it were up to Cyclone, he would never have come in the first place. After Maverick breaks the rules and endangers his students, Cyclone informs him that the rules exist for a reason, to keep people safe, and it’s not just a rule, it’s the law and he needs to abide by it. He won’t allow Maverick to change the rules without consulting him first. Cyclone does not understand Maverick’s teaching methods or his bonding exercises on the beach (he wants to know why his pilots aren’t working and aren’t even keeping track of the football score or who is on what team). He doesn’t show much in the way of middle functions, either, but he seems safety-conscious in a way that ESTJs are more concerned with than ENTJs. He judges Maverick as reckless based on the facts in his file and in his military career, which comes from incidents in which Maverick bucked authority, showing a tendency to rely on past information and precedent and expecting the same behavior from him here and now. But he also sees his greater potential, a different way to interpret him (by putting him in charge of a dangerous operation), and utilizes it. He clearly cares deeply about his pilots and wants nothing bad to happen to them, enough to get on anyone’s case who is reckless, but that’s the extent of his emotional engagement.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Cyclone is a tough-talking, no-nonsense, gut driven man who tells it like it is, doesn’t like people to talk back to him, and doesn’t hesitate to rake Maverick over the coals for his “stupid decisions” and “reckless behavior.” He knows who is the boss (he is) and will tolerate no disobedience. Most people know better than to challenge him and will defer to him. He goes about things calmly with total authority and expects others to do what he tells them to, but rarely raises his voice or inconveniences himself when dealing with unruly pilots.

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