Rooster doesn’t have a lot of screen time or many motivations on display. We don’t know why Rooster chooses the same profession as his dad, but it might be out of a similar desire to have a long-term career that is permanent and makes a positive difference in society. Si users want to build on what has come before them, and they go about their training methodically and carefully. He does this, which is why his sudden flight behind enemy lines to save Maverick (believing him to still be alive even though they assume he didn’t survive a crash) is so surprising to everyone who knows him – for once he “didn’t think, he acted.” But once he’s been shot down, he relies on Maverick to come up with all the creative hacks to their problems – he also gets stumped by the facts that Maverick doesn’t seem to care about, such as how old their stolen plane is and the fact that this is not a runway (and is therefore not long enough to get them into the air) but a loading track. As Maverick guides them into the air, Rooster points out again and again that “this is not a runway!” He also, for a long time, resents Maverick and is cautious of him, because of his father’s death (“my father trusted you… I won’t make the same mistake”) and because Maverick got him blocked from training, causing him to lose four years in his career (which he takes personally). Rooster never realized the reason why (a favor to his mother, who feared him being killed as well). This shows both his low intuition (why he never thought about that) and his strong emotions, since he carries that grudge with him for a long time, until Maverick earns his trust.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Rooster isn’t about to just accept Maverick at his word and challenges him somewhat, stating that he isn’t going to trust him – and then turning around and risking his life to find him behind enemy lines (loyalty to him and showing courage). But when he finds him, he relies on him to get them both out, since he doesn’t know what to do, or how to escape, or how to steal a plane and get it off the ground with a runway that is much too short – and all of that is rather terrifying to him. But he also shows more courage when he tells Maverick to do whatever he would do if Rooster wasn’t in the plane and he didn’t have to protect him (take down an enemy fighter plane). He has a certain amount of self-reliance and trust, and is also angry about his training being blocked because it made him look incompetent, something his 5 wing despises.

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