Maisie is an idealist who almost instantly changes her mind completely about a sea monster, having looked into its eyes. She set out to sea to kill them, then saves the ship from one, gets swallowed by one, and by connecting to it on an emotional level, starts believing and questioning all of her previous assumptions based on the books she used to read, which filled her head with stories of daring and courage. She dreams of statues being put up in her name, for her heroism, but has no real idea of what being at sea means or of how dangerous it can become and is terrified when they encounter Red in the midst of a violent storm. She thinks there must be another way than killing the beast from the outside (inside would be safer!?). Then she believes the creature has saved them and means them no harm, so she starts wondering if the books are untrue, and if the heroes of old died for a war that was unnecessary. She has the profound idea that you can still be a hero and be wrong. She thinks Red protected them from the captain, and that she has a good heart. Then leaps to the conclusion that if one sea creature is all right, all of them must be all right, and if the humans would leave them alone, they could all live in peace together. Maisie understands that books and stories will ‘outlive us,’ so they have to take direct action right now to make things happen for the better and stop this unending violence. She also thinks probably the sea monsters did not start this war, but humans did. Maisie has a firm developed sense of inner ethics, which not only allows her to connect to creatures she encounters, but has a great contempt for Jacob when he refuses to do the ‘right thing’ and stand up for Red to his previous captain. She doesn’t care what the consequences might be of standing up to the king and queen, because she knows what she is doing is ‘right.’ She stands up to the crowd and demands they support a new way of thinking and free the sea creature and overthrow the system that is in place that is, in her mind, immoral and corrupt. She is deeply compassionate and emotional; freeing Red from the spears embedded in her hide and doing so without any help from Jacob for a long time. Most of her stories and assumptions are collected from the books she read in the orphanage, and the wild fantasies she built around them – but Maisie doesn’t hesitate to dump them in an instant once she realizes the histories are all written and published by the crown, who has ulterior motives. She tosses them aside easily, in her desire to create a new future where everyone lives in harmony and no longer torments these creatures (“who learned to fear and hate us!”).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Maisie is assertive and full of self-confidence. She just ‘knows’ she is supposed to follow in her parents’ footsteps and go to sea to kill sea creatures, so she takes it upon herself to run away from the orphanage, stowaway on a ship, talks herself out of being in trouble (because she has a quick mind and a lot of respect for the captain), and then decides to save the crew and the ship by severing the line holding them to Red, even after the captain threatens her with bodily harm for “cowardice” if she does so. She is idealistic, driven, passionate, eager for excitement, unable to wait to experience life—and has a 6 wing that becomes anxious and relies on Jacob under stress. She seeks him as a protector some of the time, but also develops a tendency to question the governing authorities, stands up to them in a very public way (by defying the king and queen and calling the ones who came before them ‘liars’ who started a war with the sea creatures), and feels a fierce sense of loyalty to Red for saving their lives.

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