Lisa is an opportunistic, bold young woman whom they struggle to keep in the mental asylum because she keeps breaking out and going on the run, then gets dragged back and continues to break the rules and put her friends up to things. She doesn’t take her meds and hordes them instead to trade for other drugs, and shows Susanna that she can get pills from other girls by trading her laxatives for them. She makes out with a guy while on the run to steal his wallet, and hits on the ice cream scooper at the local restaurant. Lisa is logical almost to a fault, owing both to her problem-solving skills and because of her sociopath neurosis. She cruelly says things to the other girls to get a rise out of them or hurt their feelings, and enjoys feeding off the emotional high it gives her (mocking one girl for her weird eating habits, then goading her into committing suicide by accusing her of being abused by her beloved father, then stealing money off her dead body and telling Susanna she’s too “soft”). She can also be charming and likable, luring other girls into a false sense of security, only to become resentful of them becoming well enough to be “let out.” She is so upset about Susanna getting well by taking her meds that she steals her diary, so she can read it aloud to all of their friends and make them all hate Susanna for her private thoughts and theories about them. She has no real Ni, and no plans for her future.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Lisa says the world is full of people with buttons begging to be pushed, so she pushes them all—and wonders why nobody pushes her back. She’s messing with them, with their energy, by exerting her own forceful attitude and behavior. She hates above all to be constrained, put in isolation, or drugged, because she’s no longer in control over her own body and autonomy—a nightmare for an 8. She reacts by bucking the establishment, starting arguments, baiting people with the truths they do not want to hear, breaking out of the asylum and going on the run, etc., and she tries to take Susanna with her. She doesn’t want to face her problems and reframes things to make nothing her fault, as an unhealthy manifestation of her 7 wing – “she was going to commit suicide sooner or later,” and Lisa had nothing to do with it!

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