Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Since the character has so little screen time, I’ve added some things from the book to flesh out this profile. Prideaux is a highly trained assassin who is able to enter risky situations and competently handle himself. He is watchful when interrogating people or meeting them for information, and has a reputation for being ruthless—he shows this when he kills an owl in front of his students, without ever thinking of how it might emotionally affect them. He shows several instances of inferior Fe in how he fails to process his own emotions centering around his betrayal, and also his awkward bonding attempts with his students. In the book, he is teaching them espionage techniques without them being aware of it, as well as heads up a section of “reckless and volatile agents” kept on retainer for particularly dangerous, violent missions that often included assassinations. It flourished under his command. He reacts quickly in unknown situations—spotting a suspicious woman in a window at the restaurant and turning to flee, then being shot down, reacting quickly in the classroom, even sneaking away to shoot his lover in the face while he’s waiting transport out of the country (in the book, he snaps his neck—up close and personal). He shows no real Ni, but is clearly introverted, reclusive, and withdrawn, both in his emotions and otherwise. He clumsily handles the students’ emotional needs and pushes one of them away (his favorite) when he attempts to become too close to him. His denial of knowing various spies and informants gets them shot in front of him, in his torture sessions, without him reacting.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Prideaux reacts to things instantly without needing to stop and question them; he kills an owl that flies out of the fireplace into the school room (either a mercy killing because its wings are on fire, or to show the audience he’s a ruthless assassin), and he later puts a bullet in his lover’s head for betraying him and getting him shot and tortured for months (even though he got him released). He has a short temper, even with the kid he is mentoring (yelling at him to get out and leave him alone, rather than accepting his gift). He is also tortured for months without being broken or revealing important information (including not reacting when people are shot in front of him). Hut he overall has a quiet, put-together appearance, is confident when he walks into the meeting (watchful of the windows, but not particularly afraid of an ambush) and cannot be forced to give up information (8s are the strongest types who can endure the most pain).

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