Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

“What, you didn’t plan for that eventuality?

Whereas Walter has firm moral boundaries he won’t cross, Saul does not; he is famously amoral and will represent any type of criminal that can pay for his representation. Shady weapons deal? Disposal of a body? High level distributer of methamphetamine? Saul will hook you up with the right people… for a percentage of the profit! Apart from working fulltime as a criminal lawyer, Saul also runs many other “side gigs” on the black and grey market to fatten his wallet. Saul’s thinking speed is unrivaled; he can easily keep several parallel trains of thought in his head, all aimed at maximizing profit in the near or distant future. Because he can easily connect seemingly unconnected dots through powerful intuition, it only takes Saul a few scattered details about Walter to piece together who he is and where he works; his Ne does the rest. His dominant Ne and “randomness” frequently grate on Walter’s inferior Ne, and Saul in turn is often frustrated by Walter’s “slowness” to catch on and failing to understand his cultural references. In possession of a highly fluid, dynamic intellect, Saul has made thinking out of the box his living, and he always has a creative solution at hand for a client, such as bribing an ex-con who matches Walter’s physical description to play the part of him and take the fall during a drugs bust and later to employ a Belarusian hacker to anonymously launder money, bit by bit, into an online go-fund-me campaign for Walter launched by Walter’s son. Saul’s use of tertiary Fe provides him with a warm and affable demeanor meant to instill confidence into his clients and have them believe Saul Goodman genuinely wants what is best for them. Unless he is physically gagged, Saul can talk his way out of practically any situation, but his inferior sensing function and obvious discomfort with the sensory world come out during times of stress, such as the time when Walter and Jesse kidnap him and point a gun at his head. Saul’s sense of style is somewhat “cheesy” and lacking in professionalism; a product of his inferior Si and somewhat shallow Fe – he does not always make the impression he wants on people. Most forms of criticism pour off Saul like water off a duck’s back, but he can be a bit touchy about his tastes and his presentation. For example, he has his office lined with pages from the constitution to show his staunch support of the libertarian position; Saul believes that if there is a demand for something, there will be someone ready to supply it. 

Guest typed by Henrika.