Renard is a terrorist who hires himself out for big bucks to do bad things and who also kidnapped Elektra and held her for ransom. When her father refused to pay it, she seduced him and convinced him to act as her conspirator in a larger plan to dominate the oil market and get revenge on those who had ‘abandoned’ her. In a low Fe way, he went along with all of it, and also shows some tendencies to provoke people just get a rise out of them. He implies that he raped her, and asked if Bond enjoyed sleeping with her – he should have known her when she was ‘innocent,’ before she had been left to ‘a monster like me.’ He has no reason to taunt him, which means it’s done just to upset Bond and get an emotional reaction out of him. Immature TP types do this, since they tend to see other people as something to ‘tinker’ with and manipulate emotionally. Renard also shows some immature feelings about Elektra in his own frustration at not being able to make love to her, and his jealousy about her attraction to Bond. He’s physical and aggressive, getting into numerous spats with Bond in which he happily engages in hand to hand combat and/or chases him and/or escapes at the last minute. He lives primarily for the moment, and leaves all of the scheming up to his girlfriend, with no real interest in any long-term plans.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Renard has a reputation for aggression, brutality, and violence paired with sadism. He likes to show people that pain doesn’t hurt him anymore and gloats that he is ‘already dead’ (inferring that nothing they do can hurt him), while pressing other people’s hands to burning rocks. He implies that he raped Elektra to Bond to upset him (it later turns out to be a lie; she seduced him). He parts ways with her without a second thought (“the future belongs to you”) and goes on his terrorist mission; he was also corrupted by Elektra and manipulated to do her will. She convinced him to go along with her scheme and to fall in love with her, which shows a 9 wing’s tendency to merge and lose themselves in another person.

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