Elektra at first seems like a visionary oil tycoon type who plants to change the world through her father’s industry (‘our pipeline is the future’). She talks a great deal about leaving enduring legacies as well, remarking that they must not eradicate the past in the process, but find a way to make the old ways survive into the future. As the story unfolds, we find out she is a criminal mastermind who has planned everything perfectly so that her father winds up dead, M is kidnapped (she intends to kill her), and Bond is taken out before he can stop her. She recruits others to share in her ‘grand vision’ and uses Fe to do it, by being charming, telling them what they want to hear, seducing men in order to lower their defenses (both Bond and Renard), etc. She manages a situation well when she placates a crowd by choosing not to bulldoze an old church, but to build around it, even though it will cost the company millions. She also talks in ‘we’ terms a lot, about her father and her legacy, how the oil pipeline will shape the world for all of us, etc. She even flirts with Bond when slowly killing him with a torture devise, to prolong his emotional suffering. Elektra is rational and calculating, but also uses her body a great deal – she leaps out of a helicopter and goes skiing dangerously down a slope (but has to have Bond save her from the bad guys chasing them/an avalanche). She makes him think she has recklessly gambled away a million dollars at a casino (it’s actually a secret payment). Elektra manages to seduce Bond almost immediately. But she also is poor at adapting in the moment, after she shoots a man and he shoots off one of Bond’s cuffs, allowing him to escape. Elektra fails to notice what he did, which leads to her downfall.

Enneagram: 3w4 sx/so

Elektra is an incredibly sensual woman who knows just how to act to get the men around her to do whatever she wants; she pretends to be scared with Bond and need his protection, then switches over to being reckless so he feels inclined to take care of her. She seduced her kidnapper to survive and convinced him to go along with her revenge scheme. She is ambitious and driven, determined to make her mark on the world with an oil pipeline and eradicate any competition. But she also has 4 wing tendencies in how she refuses to move past what happened to her, to forgive her father or M for refusing to pay the ransom; she wants to take them all out, rather than doing the more rational thing and moving on with her life. This shows the 4 tendency to hold onto grudges and slights, in a desire to remain frustrated.

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