Alec serves as 006 for many years, but becomes embittered at his treatment within the agency, fakes his own death, and creates a Russian crime syndicate whose primary purpose is to both make billions of dollars of profit off others’ misfortunes and to ruin the British economy and send the world ‘back to the dark ages’ as revenge for his perceived ‘mistreatment.’ He’s logical and efficient, managing a great many men and heading up a massive organization, but also is known for his exceptional skills in survival—an expert marksmen and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, bilingual, and manipulation tactics. He hijacks a Soviet space weapon in his desire to steal billions of dollars from the Bank of England before erasing all of its financial records, concealing the theft. His intuition is broad and unreasonable in its scope—it wants to turn the world’s economy backwards in order to cause the most damage he possibly can to the British economy. We aren’t party to most of his plans, but do see him engaging in risky Se-driven activities, such as battling James Bond on a ladder, almost falling to his death in an attempt to kill Bond, and then being flung to his death when he loses their airborne fight. He also forces a kiss on a woman he holds captive, and laughs when she slaps him across the face. Many of his motivations stem from his inferior Fi—focusing on all the injustices in his past (his father’s suicide and the shame of it, his own survival as an orphan, and his subsequent anger at the agency for not treating him better). He also wants revenge against the government that betrayed his parents, and against James for leaving him for dead and the explosion that disfigured half his face.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Alec wants revenge for perceived slights against him and the injustices done to his family, and he doesn’t care about the collateral damage or the millions of people that will be negatively affected by his behavior. It’s all about evening the score and using his forceful anger as a power play against the government he hates. He doesn’t want to be controlled or betrayed, so he assertively goes after what he wants and becomes a powerful enemy of the state and of Bond. He is unforgiving and relentless, has total confidence that what he is doing is justified, and a 7 wing denial of his own responsibility in this matter and unwillingness to move on from a past he cannot even remember (his father’s suicide and mother’s murder).

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