Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Natalya has very firm moral opinions about what she believes, including her scene on the beach in which she scolds James for being a murderer, cold, and says that’s the reason he’s alone (shortly before making love to him). She moralizes at him, and also snaps at two other people to stop arguing and get to the point/on with things when she’s impatient to resolve an issue. She’s also more emotional than logical, and frequently leaves problem-solving to James, although she is sensory-driven. Natalya manages to escape the lab when the shootings are going on, then gets out onto the roof, trudges through a mountain range, and uses sled dogs to get somewhere safe. Elsewhere, she helps James escape from captivity after befriending him, quickly thinks on her feet and hacks into a satellite to change the key codes (she hopes the hacker won’t figure out what she made them, but doesn’t plan to stick around to find out). She quickly becomes physical with James, because she feels attracted to him and lives entirely in the moment. She’s somewhat smart as a hacker and figures out a key code based on a hint given to her, but doesn’t show much other Ni in terms of actual insight. She becomes more assertive, combative, and blunt under stress, as she tells people off with her inferior Te.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Natalya is definitely in the gut center, since she reacts to most things with anger. She is sweet and good-natured a lot of the time, but when she gets riled up, her 8 wing comes out to play. She slaps a man in the face who kisses her against her will, she attacks one of her coworkers upon finding out he’s a traitor and beats him with her fists, she punches a man in the face, and she angrily tells various people off several times, including the bad guys. Her annoyance at James turns into passionately kissing him, showing her tendency to merge into his desires and yield to his forceful personality. Under stress, she becomes more 6ish… not wanting to trust people and being suspicious of their motives, fearful of getting hurt and not knowing who deserves her support.

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