Function Order: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

Pierce Brosnan’s Bond is stereotypical in his masculinity, and in him being an ESTP hero – a ruthless opportunist who beds several beautiful women per movie, while dashing headfirst into danger, and managing to pull himself and others out of lethal situations through cunning, fast-thinking, and sheer reactive energy. But of the two films I watched, GoldenEye and The World is Not Enough, the latter showcased the particular skills of an ESTP best. Midway through the movie, he knocks out someone and takes the place of a corpse inside their truck, then is delivered to the middle of nowhere, where conspirators assume he is someone else. Bond naturally blends into the situation, reads the environment, and adapts instantly, becoming another person for as long as he needs to and convincingly ‘winging it’ without arousing anyone’s suspicions. That, more than the endless womanizing and risk-taking, is the embodiment of an ESTP – able to instantly adapt and transform, using Se to read the environment and become one with it, Ti to think fast on his feet, and Fe to charm people into trusting him. Elsewhere, he shows similar logical reasoning skills as he gets to the bottom of problems, figures out how to do things while doing them (and just knows he will be okay in the process, even when it’s never been done before, such as driving his boat through several restaurants and out the other side of the docks), and is somewhat callous at times. He easily engages with people and makes them trust or like him, is charming, and is easily seduced by women, Elektra in particular. Renard can get a rise out of him by taunting him with thoughts of abusing Elektra, showing his tendency to let superficial emotions ride close to the surface. Bond also shows Ni significantly in this movie, as he figures out midway through that Elektra has been behind events all this time, and cannot be trusted. Even when others deny it, Bond remains convinced of it, and becomes even more so as the situation unfolds. He fakes his own death to thwart her.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Bond is obviously a head type, because he carefully thinks through things when he has the chance—suspecting Elektra is working against him and the agency and that she is the person who switched out her father’s pin for the bomb, and reasoning with M about it being her (he isn’t believed). He is also avoidant of any kind of commitment and has a long string of one-night stands. He feels justified in doing whatever he must to get the results he needs, including seducing his own doctor for a clean bill of health so he can get back on the case. Settling down doesn’t appeal to him. He likes to have fun, but is also at times cautious and suspicious. His 8 wing is assertive and aggressive; he does things instantly when he has to, without needing to think about them, and can be merciless when he gets the upper hand. He shoots a number of people without remorse because they are on the wrong side, and kills anyone who gets in his way with negative intentions. He uses blackmail and threats against someone for information by insinuating that he will let him drown in a tar pit unless he tells the truth about his involvement in a terrorist scheme.

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