Kee is very concerned with her own feelings about things. She says she had never seen anyone be pregnant before, but when she got pregnant, she ‘just knew’ by how it felt that it was true, even though there was no reason to ever imagine it could happen due to widespread infertility. She wants Theo to know the truth of her pregnancy, and not hide it from him, even though others caution her against it. She celebrates the fact that she is alive at the end of the story, but is also distraught that Theo has been hurt and possibly killed. She is rather blunt when first they meet and hostile, out of a fearful need to keep others at a safe distance. Kee is very present and willing to take risks, able to run around and jump into cars to escape, but also pays attention to things like body language, talks about the harsh realities imposed on cattle, and has some lower Ni insights into her own pregnancy and the meaning of life, which she discusses with Jasper for fun. Beyond that, she does not possess much personality or show much Te except in her bluntness under pressure.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Kee is very anxious about her own survival, and she trusts Theo to get her away safely, even going so far as to reveal her pregnancy to him, because she wants him to know what he’s getting himself into. She is cautious and ready to move at a moment’s notice, and also does not trust the man who claims he can get them to a boat. She says from the woman’s concerned actions and babbling that “she doesn’t want us to go with him, he’s a bad man.” She is rather helpless in her pregnant condition, and so places her faith in Theo without question once he proves himself to her by saving her life. But she’s also willing to take risks in her effort to get her child out alive, and she has a lot of hope and faith that the future will be a better place, because the child lived.

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