Theo is more emotionally attached than a lot of people in this dystopian world; he uses a global crisis (the death of the world’s youngest person at eighteen) as an excuse to claim that he’s upset, so he can sneak off and spend time with Jasper and his wife. He stays out of a lot of things, such as politics, and doesn’t “feel” a lot of the time. He asks many questions, but not always intuitive ones—he doesn’t question why he needs to obtain a passport or the conditions involved in doing so, he just does it, going out of his way to help others in need. Theo does have a sense of feeling obligated to other people and like he should help them even when it’s dangerous, but he wants to do so in a thoughtful manner that keeps them all safe. He lives mostly in the present moment and thinks fast on his feet—he gets Kee out of a war zone, he helps her escape an armed gunman, he steals a car and gets them away in it, even getting out to push. He spies on someone coming into the house late at night, creeps around the side to peer in a window, and overhears a plot to kill him—and instantly takes action before they can do anything to him by getting Kee and her companion away from the house. He has a few lower Ni thoughts and insights, in how he attaches to the idea of this child representing something greater than any of them, and some low Fe. He accuses someone of getting over a person’s death too soon, implying that he places an emotional judgment on their capacity to function normally (also showing that he has wallowed in it for a long time, due to not being sure of what to do with his feelings). He has rare emotional outbursts under stress and becomes upset, because he does not want to hurt anyone unnecessarily (he demands to know why one of his companions has shot two police officers point-blank). But he’s not as emotionally affected as a lot of the people around him, and more able to stay calm in an intense situation.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Theo is very cautious about everything and analytical, which makes him a good choice for getting a pregnant girl out of a war zone safely, since he always errs on the side of caution. He sneaks around listening to people, urges his friend Jasper to come with them even though it will slow him down (he knows he’s going to get killed if he stays, and alas, is proven right, much to his frustration), and works hard to keep Kee and her child safe even though it pains him. He can be quite personable and kind when he wants to be, but is also attached to the past. He gets angry with someone for ‘moving on’ from a loss much quicker than he can; he has a 5 wing tendency to be withdrawn and dwell in the past. He tries to remain objective about situations, but also finds himself being pulled into them and getting attached to the idea of helping a child and its mother survive as a beacon of hope in the world.

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