Drea comes on the scene with a plan for her life, which includes getting into Ivy league schools and making her way through several of them to obtain a law degree and be a high-powered lawyer. She has “always” known what she wanted to be, and has no other idea in her head. But she is hard-working, a top student, and the queen bee at her school. She also suffers from a streak of meanness, and a lack of consideration for her fellow students. When she executes a plan for revenge, she does so in top form – by dosing the entire school with magic mushrooms and getting them all high, then turning in Eleanor’s rival to the school board for growing said mushrooms along with marijuana in her shed. She cooks up another scheme to get back at her ex-boyfriend, whom she knows leaked her nude video, on the spot after being thwarted by him (everyone at school thinks he’s “so progressive” after she exposes him for cheating on his current girlfriend with a ton of women). She has a moment of total insight in which she says Eleanor is giving her Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction vibes (later, this proves to be correct, when she realizes Eleanor has been playing her the entire time). She is also more insightful than Eleanor when it comes to the backfiring of her revenge scheme; it doesn’t feel as good as she thought it would, so she begs her friend to give it up and let them be friends again… but only after she says and does some horrible things to her (exposing her for being the same girl they bullied in junior high). Drea lives very much in the moment and is somewhat reckless; she chooses to go to a party she wasn’t invited to and almost blows their entire scheme (she’s not supposed to know Eleanor). She sends her boyfriend a nude video, never thinking about what he might do with it or where it could wind up (everyone has seen it within a few hours). She winds up sleeping with another guy on a whim, and cutting school, and becoming so involved in her quest for revenge, her grades all go in the tank. Her inferior Fi is also obvious – she is out of touch with her own feelings and obsessed with vengeance, and she doesn’t realize how much she cares about Eleanor or how much fun they had until she has ruined their friendship. Then, she goes out of her way to make it up to her and pleads with her to give them another chance. She also cares about her mom so much, she’s willing to throw her own reputation and future away to keep her from going to jail on a drug charge.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Drea is all about appearances, all the time. She introduces herself to the audience by talking about how fabulous she is, and how she has her future all planned out. When she meets Eleanor and decides to team up with her to take down “those bitches” who ruined her life, she gives her a “makeover” because no one will ever accept Eleanor unless she stops looking like a loser. She’s confident and arrogant, and tends toward narcissism (later, she is accused of being a narcissist, which she is). She says she has to work super hard to get into a good college, because her mom has so many ambitions for her life, and she doesn’t want to let her down. But once she loses Harvard, she pulls out all the stakes and wants to go for broke in terms of getting revenge on those responsible. In the process, she stops working hard to get good grades, so they go into the toilet. Drea will even fake being pleasured by a guy, while she surfs for news on her phone, just to keep him happy. She sees herself as a nice and good person who wants to do kind things for her friends, but then becomes vindictive when they don’t appreciate her, and she goes after them intending to ruin their lives.

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